Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your life without worries

I woke up this morning,said my prayers (yeah,i dey pray),did my sit-ups and went into the bathroom.It was there that this thought came...Actually,each time i get into the bathroom thoughts just come flooding in.Anyway,i just started thinking about my life these few months.It's actually been entirely free (or almost free) of worries.I blogged about how terribly i was worried some months back when i had a very pressing issue which virtually robbed me of sleep,made me lose appetite and also caused me to have this very excruciating pain on my chest.At a point i didn't just decide to let go of that issue,i also let go of so many other things that bothered me.

I grew before my time,even as a boy (15-17yrs),i was already thinking of my family (my mum and brother) who were obviously way my elders.I was thinking about my friends and relatives.But it wasn't so intense till i attained 18yrs.I was a deep thinker,i was intense,i got worried easily.At some point,it got really worse when i added girls in the picture (i no know who send me).Then university came in,then IT,then job...I just got more worried about various things ranging from how to meet my immediate needs,how not to bother my folks,how to find a girl that would love me and not be demanding (cos then i was more of a broke ass...hehehehe)...The lists goes on and on.Then the biggest of my worries came after my undergraduate study,and that was how not to lose the girl i could sacrifice ANYTHING for (and i mean it when i say anything).My worries were enormous and hence the excruciating pain on my chest.I decided to let it all go...ALL! Right now,i'm living a life free of worries.I don't think of anything that'll cause sleepless nights,i don't thinking of anything that would make me frown (luckilly i might add,i don't even have a girlfriend).So i am just void of worries and mehn,this is the life!

However,i didn't just make the decision to stop worrying,various occurrence prompted that move.I advised myself (time go come wey nobody need advise you,na you go tell advise),a good friend of mine made a post somewhere and it reads "Worries don't make the problem go away,it only adds to the problem".These are the reasons for my sudden change.The change,however,didn't favor some people.For instance,i stopped being bothered even when i don't hear from my friends and some of them get pretty upset yet i still don't get bothered.

Have you wondered how your life would be without worries? Have you ever wondered how cheerful you would be? A lot of times we get too engrossed in our worries that we fail to enjoy the little things of life that bring happiness.We get so wrapped up that we torture ourselves.We get so into worries that we sometimes end up in the hospital.Well,i have kicked out worries and don't think it'd be coming back anytime soon.You don't have to go about it the way i did,but just try and be nice to yourself.Let go of some worries and this year would turn out to be the loveliest year for you yet.Have a pleasant day and week ahead.I don yarn my own finish,if you like listen,if you like no listen...I no go come visit anybody for hospital o.


  1. word!
    i am also a staunch "worrier".. but i think i'm learning to worry less. cos really, worrying doesnt chang a situation, it just adds more stress to it. nice post :)

  2. Kitkat-It's a good thing u've decided to stop worrying,that's a good way forward.Thanks alot!

  3. lol i wish i was like you. I can help, but worry. School, work, bills.. If i won the lottery maybe i would not worry that much. Pray for me to win the lottery..lol

  4. BSNC-You can be like me dear.Truth is worrying won't change a thing.Meanwhile,i will pray for you,at least winning the lottery is a short cut! hehehehehehe