Friday, February 11, 2011

The valentine's day i remember

Unsuspiciously,she opened the door and paused for a second at the sight that stretched in front of her.The room was dark with the only lighting coming from a candle.From the door into every parts of the room were small pieces of papers with various inscriptions; "I dey kolo 4 u","I'm crazy about u","I love u","U make me happy","U make my life beautiful" an so on.She slowly started picking from the door to the TV stand to the bed,under the pillow and the smile was obvious on her face.When she was sure she had all the papers in her hand,she walked to me and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips (chei,i can almost feel her lips now sef).All this while,various R & B tracks were playing in the background (i make sure say the thing low but audible enough for us to hear).

Already i had prepared jollof rice (i am a very good cook,you can ask her),there was a cake in the refrigerator and a chilled pack of juice (e be like say i bin no get money to buy wine,i no remember sha *grin*).I went to the kitchen and got the food,poured our drinks and we sat down to eat with a candle in-between us and at some point i opted to feeding her a bit.After the meal,we chatted a while,then the mood was right and............

That was the most memorable of all my valentine's days and it was with a gurl i actually really loved back in my University days.Pretty,very good sense of humour (i dig that so much in a gurl),intelligent,confident and brilliant.The one that actually got the best of me in my Uni.Before i get that gurl ehn,i toast for 2 semesters! I toast so tey i almost turn toaster!

However,even though i mostly have gurlfriends during val,i just don't seem to spend it with them.It's either they're not around or i'm not around,we just never spend it together.And of course,some of the val's just come and meet me as single as a tot of vodka.As a matter of fact,this val is here and i'm single and can only just relish the val that will remain in my memory for a long time till another one comes and erases it.I am single and somewhat loving it.I'm not mad that i don't have a gurlfriend,i love myself very much to give myself heart ache concerning that.I am going to celebrate val with me,myslef and I.I already bought me some nice gifts; A Polo Black by Ralph Lauren,a black Jack Jones Casual shirt (you know that Oshiomole type of shirts?) and a very cute Bed-spread (wey i go sleep on alone one vals day...hehehehehe).

I'm sure if bArOquE sees this he's gonna say i need a chick (i actually think so too...hehehehe) and i'm wondering what BSNC is gonna say.Have a nice weekend ahead people and a nice Valentine's day ahead too.For those of you who are double,make the best of that day,and for the ones who are single like me,don't beat yourself up,just do like i am doing.


  1. lool! did that really happen?,..hmm so someone is a romantic.. NICE! :)
    lool..u bought gifts for urself?!!..enjoy ur vals day, i'm single too.. wld jst sleep thru out that day,lol

  2. Kitkat-It did happen and yeah,i'm an helpless romantic! Is there anything wrong with buying myself a gift? hehehehehe Being single sucks huh? Don't worry,maybe Santa would work on the 14th and you won't have to sleep throughout the day.

  3. Ahhhh, no wonder you enjoyed the real love stories, you're a pure romantic! I think you deserve a girl too, but hey, you have the right mind. Love yourself and don't be too worried. Happy Val in advance.

  4. Awww that was beautiful. She was one lucky girl. I didn't know you were this romantic. How sweet lol.

    Well i will be hanging out with a couple of friends on vals day after exams. Good music, good food and good laughs. What more can a girl ask for : )

  5. Myne Whitman-Hehehehehe...I'm blushing! Thank you jare,i deserve a gurl too,but it doesn't mean i won't enojoy my val without one.Thanks alot for the wishes and have a very pleasant val yourself.

    BSNC-LMAO Now you know i am.You already have that day planned i can see.Buh a gurl can ask of one more thing though...A deserving guy.I wish you one before that day jare! Hehehehehe