Thursday, February 17, 2011

Till it fits

My friend possesses an annoyingly 'lucky' feet.He luckily gets the best shoes because his shoes size of 42 is commonplace,meanwhile my 43 (isn't so bad though) aren't that lucky.Most times when we go to shop for shoes,he ends up walking away with the cutest pairs,leaving me with nothing sometimes.I try on different shoes until i get the size that fits and one i like.If it's too free,it goes back on the shelf,if it's too tight,it also goes back on the shelf.But each time i get the right size,it goes home with me.

This single-searching-to-hookup business is a rather serious one o.Finding your match isn't as easy as finding a black ball in the midst of white ones.Rather,searching for a black ball in the midst of navy blue balls in the dark with a faint light better explains it.You go out,and go out,and go out,and go out and sometimes don't get lucky till your 15th try (that's not an exaggeration,is it?).Sometimes,you get lucky on your first few tries.When i was younger,i used to see guys around my neighborhood with different gurls and frankly i considered them 'womanizers' (obviously in my ignorance).There was this particular guy then whose name was TJ.I liked him alot and he was quite used to me (i guess na because i been too know).He's almost 6ft,broad shoulders,muscular (e dey gym that time) and has a fine face.He has an impeccable dress sense and speak well.In short,na correct guy e be.He attended Lagos State University (LASU) and so stayed in out neighborhood which was close to his campus.Gurls easily fell for him and so i see him with lots of them at that time.I used to wonder why he couldn't just settle with one of the numerous gurls he went out with rather than walk in and out the neighborhood with different gurls.But now,i know the answer to my question.Indeed,most things are not what they seem.

While making the most of my single life,i look around for prospective partner.Sometimes i meet a gurl and spend a few minutes with her,we exchange numbers and after a few calls i realise she's just not my type.Sometimes the calls are not enough to ascertain these things so i opt for seeing her and spending realtime with her only to observe the not-obvious difference.

However,for those of you who are like me and feel the number of people that do not match what you're looking for is quite enormous,have no worries,it really doesn't matter.What matters is that in the end you find that perfect person for you (not someone who is perfect o cos they don't exist).I have gone out with a good number of gurls these few months and i'm yet to find one that is perfect for me.So you know what i'm going to do? I'm going to keep looking and looking till i find that one,cos i know she's definitely out there somewhere and it's only a matter of time before i find her.My advice for you who is like me is to follow my lead.Have a nice day people.


  1. true talk! gudlck with ur search,lol

  2. Good number of girls like 4, 5.. Good luck with your search. i like the fact that you do not want to settle for less. All the best. I think i just rythme, search, less,

  3. BSNC-Hahahahaha...I didn't mention any number o! Thanks alot dear and yes,i really don't wanna settle for less.Asper your rhyme,it is expected from someone who listens to lots of music,including rap!