Thursday, February 10, 2011

This love thingy...It doesn't have rules

I was chatting with my colleagues yesterday and we somehow got to a point where we started talking about love.This was as a result of the Nollywood movies they were watching (and disturbing my blogging) where a guy messed up and after a long while went back to his ex and she took him back even though he put her through so much pains.One of my colleagues was of the opinion that love has a rule and if you play by that rule you'd be fine.But i was of a contrary opinion.I am just in my late twenties,but i have witnessed and experienced alot about love to know what i am about to say.

Love...Love...Love! It is the sweetest,softest,finest,happiest,calmest...of all things.Yet,it is the most bitter,harshest,ugliest,saddest,troubling...of all things too.Yeah,LOVE is multifaceted.It has various sides to it.And because it has various sides to it,if you try to play by a rule,then "you're on a loonnnng thing".People are of various characters and attitudes and perceive things differently.If you are familiar with the temperaments in psychology,then you're aware we have the; Flegmatic,Sanguine,Melancholic and Choleric.An individual can be one or a combination of two or more of these temperaments and this makes humans complicated (mostly when you're not a psychologist).The way you relate with a person would bring you crisis if you relate with another person that way.Now lets relate this to the area of focus.If we have lots of different characters out there,how then can you have a rule for love?Check this,haven't you been in a relationship where you were soft and were taken for granted? Good...have you not been in a relationship where you were soft and your partner loved you extremely? I really do laugh when i hear guys or babes play by a certain rule they got from wherever,they always end up in a messy mess (see grammar abeg).For instance,there's this one i got from somewhere that as a guy you should not show a woman you love her or she'll take you for granted and maybe even break your heart.Well,they were right o,but only for a few group of women.Indeed some women would stick to you when you prove hard and don't show that you love them,meanwhile some other women would simply move on to some other guy who really loves them and shows it too.I even hear girls playing by that same rule! There's this funny one also that if a guy is so much into you,then he's not 'real' and would breakup with you sooner than later.Well,that is also true,but concerning some set of guys,definitely not all guys.Some guys get so much into you cos of what they see in you (good character,good heart etc) and as far as that thing/those things is/are still there,they will always be there! I can really go on and on with these absurd rules cos they are quite numerous.

Inasmuch as some of us (minus me sha...hehehehehe) have been playing by certain rules,truth is love doesn't have a rule.If you're saying it does,then you are invariably saying concerning one aspect,there are a gazillion rules because we have a gazillion characters out there.'Playing' (Playas game) has rules,but not love.What i strongly believe is this; if you get to know the person you're in a relationship with,your relationship might be a very happy and successful one.Everybody is different,so you can't treat one person the way you treat another,else,na heavy 'gbege' for you.Love doesn't have guarantees,so you might do everything right and still have a breakup.Just give your best (studying your significant other and acting accordingly) and leave the rest and be very hopeful.In my little years on this earth,i have seen things and  so i know things.Have a nice day ahead people!


  1. hmmm interesting post. A couple of guys i know play by the rules and it works for them. I guess it depends.

    I can see love is in the air. i have read 8 posts that talks about love already.

  2. BSNC-Trust me dear,they prolly are playing by the Playa's rule.Love really ain't got a rule.

    This is the month of love na,don't be surprised!

  3. i personally dnt think love has any rules.
    u can be a very amazing sweet loving person and u'll be shocked that ur partner would still cheat on u and dump u cos u'r too "boring" and he/she wants a "crazier, badder" sumbody
    or u may be wild, crazy, fun 2 be with, and ur partner dumps u for a softer, more passionate/loving person.
    humans are too complex.. we cnt live by rules!

  4. Kitkat-Bless you dearie.You understand what i was trying to convey.Love doesn't have rules simply cos human are too complex! *hugz*