Monday, February 14, 2011

Single or just broke up

This young man with a goatee,who loves music to the core,loves to read and write,and his an 'adorer' of poetry is single,no doubt.But that isn't the bases of this post.

Most people i come across these days are either single or just broke up with their partners.The other day i was chatting with a friend of mine online and after saying hi,i asked how she was doing,"I'm not fine" was her response.As a gentle man (for my mind abi?),i asked what the problem was and she was like;"He took away my pride and he dumped me" (my naughty side almost asked her to chase him and collect her pride back...hehehehehe).She was really crushed and devastated,so i had to do one thing i know how to do best,soothe her with my words (that's another gift i have).I spoke to her at length about how the guy wasn't worth her tears,how it's his loss and all that.Eventually i was able to calm her down a bit (cos she was still down even the next day when we chatted).Yesterday,i reached another of my online relationship with another friend who also went on to tell me about her ex.How he was pressured by his mum to get married to someone from their church,and cos she wasn't a member of their church,he left her.I didn't have to soothe her cos it was a fairly long time ago,all i did was relate my own breakup experience and we generally 'sorry sorry' each other.And majority of the gurls i meet online tend to be either heartbroken or outrightly single.

I have lots of questions in my mind like,why do we have a very huge number of singles? Why is heartbreak commonplace? Is it that people don't find their matches easily like they used to? Or is it that unfaithfulness has become normal? I really don't get it.The heartbreaks didn't stop with me or my online friends,it goes beyond.My brother is also complaining about hooking up wahala.I made a post about his breakup saga that almost led to police case.Well,now he's in the market (just like his younger brother) and he isn't finding it easy.So,if a gurl meets him,he'll definitely tell her he just broke up,na wa o!

Well,while i am anticipating the answers to those questions,i'll just continue living life and also expecting a good gurl to come by and take me away from the League of Xtraordinary Single Men (LXSM).


  1. lool.. my heart is still impact, never been broken or tampered with *thankGod!*
    lol you guys should jst suck it up.. wat d'you know about love anyways
    and for the girls that are sad after their bf dumps them, who told thm to lose their "pride" to some jerk?..did they really expect their boyfriends to marry them?.. u know hw u guys are.. u cant stay with one girl for too long.. Y'all are sumthing else!

  2. Kitkat-Your mouth is so sharp right now cos you've not been tampered with,i give you two to three years,i bet the story would be different.hehehehehehe.And not all guys are the way you think them to be o,i'm different (not kidding).

  3. Nowadays I think we both, guys n girls, have too high demands on eachother.. It seems its not just about love anymore..
    Speaking for myself, ofcourse my heart has been broken but it also made me realize what i truly want, I just need love, commitment (which guys gladly run away from)..

  4. Melanie-LOL @ I just need love, commitment (which guys gladly run away from).. Guys gladly run away from that? Had no idea.*big grin*

  5. I agree with melanie though, everyone has high demands these days. The ladys expects alot from their man and vice versa.

  6. BSNC-Yeah,that's how it is now,guess it's cos of the change in trends.We miss you alot o BSNC.Welcome back!