Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shey na like dis we go dey dey?

There's so much fuss about this month.Always when it's February,people start making plans.Gurls start daydreaming,fantasizing and also requesting for stuffs in advance.Meanwhile some guys start falling sick,travelling,unreachable (phone-wise) or outrightly doing some serious 'jilting'.February is really the month of drama,u go laff so tey your belle go almost burst.Mostly when 14th draws near,humorous things begin to happen.Till after the 14th,conversation,plans,preparation (and what have you) are all valentine's day related.If you don't have a clue of what i'm talking about,log onto your Facebook or Twitter account (for people wey get).A friend of mine tweeted me yesterday and his tweet was really hilarious.

His tweet-"happy new month 2 u too. well i aint lukn 4wd to d 14th jst 4 d records."

Mine-"Wetin b 14th again sef?"

His-"14th is d day whn non-singles enjoy life n stuffs happen. bt u n i r single. :P"

Mine-"LMAO! U min they wait til den to hv fun?Bein nonsingle realy sucks!"

Another of my crazy friend joined in the 'tweetversation' with just one tweet but a very crazy one.

His tweet-"14th, na him INEC voters registration go close sey abi??" (In response to my initial question)

The thing is we're all single so this valentine is rather a big joke for us,or at least we're trying not to feel bad (abi we no get right to? hehehehe).Now the question i'm asking is this "Shey na like dis we go dey dey?".


  1. hahahha...yes so we go dey dey

    But stop fronting like you are not looking forward to that day :p

  2. Abeg o,i no wan dey like dis o.Me sef wan cuddle o.If i'm looking forward to that day,it's cos i'm hopeful i won't be single...hahahaha.Come Nutty J,if u still single till den,u fit take me out na make we follow enjoy the day,abi? It's been a while o,where've you been?

  3. haha@ your comment. hoepful you won't be single. na to go date hunting abi?

  4. BSNC-Yes o,i am gonna hunt seriously.Ah ahn,why man go just dey the way Nutty Jwant man to dey? BSNC,but if u send me flgight ticket,i go com spend val with u o.hehehe

  5. lolz very funny, INEC indeed

  6. Chizy K-Don't mind that yeye boy jare.LOL