Friday, February 18, 2011

Poetic Path: My Childhood Love

If there's something i do very often,it is writing poems.I'd always had a very good imaginative skill,but never realized it until i was in my SS1 after meeting someone who was a good poet.He encouraged me to try,i did and what do you know,i got hooked.There was a point when i wrote as much as three poems in a single day,sometimes i write daily.I just keep pouring my thoughts and imaginations.Some of my poems are about me,most were born out of my wild imagination.A friend of mine once told me i was writing about him meanwhile i was just allowing my imagination to run wild as usual.Every once in a while i'd be posting some of my poems.Feel free to share and make your comments as usual.The first along this line is titled My Childhood Love,enjoy!

My Childhood Love
With our backs flat on the ground
Covered by a straw mat
Our eyes looking fixedly at the sky
Littered in stars and of course the moon
Sometimes partly shielded by the clouds
And sometimes completely bare
We would talk of issues trivial now
But very imperative at that time
We would laugh most of the time
Sometimes look into each others eyes with so much love
“I’ll be a very rich man when i grow up
When i do
I’ll come and take you with me
And we would get married and be together forever” I’d say
You would smile and tell me you would gladly wait
But time tore us apart
And dumped us in different places of the world
Now all i have of you are memories
My childhood love
Wherever you are
I hope you still think of me
I hope you still think of those nights under the stars
I hope you still think of those dreams shattered by time
Because i still think of you some days
And some nights
I still dream of you
Your radiant eyes
Your wide smiles
Your ebony skin
And your beautiful hearty
My childhood love
I hope you still think of me


  1. aww its a cute poem. yes u're gifted :)

  2. Kitkat-Thanks a millie dear.I'm almost blushing!

  3. Myne-Because that came from you,i am greatly honored! Thank you very much!

  4. I said it before n I'll say it again.. u have a way of touching me, my heart. Almost makes me wish I was dat person..

  5. Melanie-Aw dear,you are one person that makes me wanna be better.Thanks a millie and i'm sure you'll find someone better than me!

  6. Someone better den u..?? hmm, not possible gorgeous..!

  7. Melanie-Ok,now i'm forced to blush!

  8. Cant force u into anything gorgeous, it is d way it is..

  9. I was going to comment on the poem, but you and melanie kracked me up. you guyz are too cute : ). You do have a way with words. Its a beautiful gift.

  10. BSNC-So you leave poem come dey comment on me and Melanie abi? You try well well...hehehehehehe