Friday, February 25, 2011

Poetic path: It's a long way to yesterday

This isn't just a poem actually,it's a thought.A very intense throbbing thought i had yesterday that was so throbbing i had to put it down in words,and one way i know how to do that is through poems.Poetry is a passion for me because it helps me express my thoughts in an eccentric way.I like how inanimate things receive life in poetry,it really works for my kind of imagination.Enjoy people!


It's a very long way back to yesterday
You might be tempted to say yesterday was just yesterday,but it definitely is a long way back
Only a fool attempts to embark on a journey back to yesterday,because even the strongest of men,the bravest of warriors,and the most dreaded of pirates cannot make it to yesterday
However,i wish i had what it takes to journey back to yesterday...
What does it take to journey back to yesterday?
I wouldn't dare linger on that thought
Though there are some things i'd have done differently
I'd have fought some fights differently
I'd have said some things differently
I'd have reasoned differently on some issues
I'd have concluded differently on some things
I'd have looked differently at some things
I'd have attacked some things
I'd have released some things
I'd have been braver
I'd have been more fierce on some occasions
I'd have been nicer
I'd have been kinder
I'd have been more appreciative
I'd have been...well
I'd have still been alive,right?
The fact that i can't make it back to yesterday tells me i can make today better
And make tomorrow even better
It's a long way to yesterday,but i'd rather journey into tomorrow


  1. Hmmmmm.. No other words come to mind..

  2. Melanie-Hehehehehehe...Thanks Melanie!

  3. Nowadays u keep calling me by my name, u never done dat.. any reasons for dat!??

  4. Melanie-Sorry bout that dear!

    Kitkat-Thanks a millie!

  5. 'a long way to yesterday'. Love that. Yesterday should only be looked at from a distance, with meditation and objectivity. lol

    I'm loving your blog and insights.


  6. The Corner Shop-I'm very glad you're loving my blog.My head is bigging *big grin*.