Friday, February 4, 2011

My unborn child: Things you’d miss

My unborn child, 
Although I’ve not met your mother yet,I just know you’re there somewhere.As cute as both your mother and i your father put together,maybe even cuter.I already even have a cute name for you.

The reason for this ‘whatever’ is to tell you the things you’d miss.Some are good,while you’re lucky you won't witness some.I was very privileged to be born in a unique time.A time when ‘Tales by moonlight’ was still aired on ‘Black & White’ TV.A time when my age mates and I rolled 'Car tires' and chase after them.A time when 'Wood' was used as toy guns and we wore ‘Curtina’ sandals to school.A time when this great country of ours had coins,1 kobo,5 kobo,10 kobo,50 kobo,then after a while 1 naira.A time when 1 naira was in paper note.A time when girls played ‘Ten Ten’.A time when both us the boys and the girls played ‘Mummy and Daddy’.A time when Wole Soyinka was still a young guy.A time when Fela Anikulapo Kuti,the originator of Afro Beat was alive and a serious heartache for the then government.A time when ‘Beatle’ was a luxury car.A time when ‘Agriculture’ was our main source of national income.A time when phones (land phones) were in the houses of only the wealthy.A time when we used words like ‘Style’.A time when churches garnished their praise and worship with their hands (or local drums).

When I was growing up however,I realised most of these things where already going into extinction.’Tales by moonlight’ was replaced with ‘Ben 10’ on ‘Flat screen’ TVs that were hung on walls.’Curtina’ sandals were replaced with ‘Old Navy’,’Sketchers’ and some other ones.’Car tires’ were replaced with ‘Remote controlled toy cars’.’Wooden’ guns were replaced with ‘Toy guns’ that could actually be used for robbery.’Coins’ disappeared leaving just the ‘Paper notes’.’Mummy and Daddy’ plays were actually ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’ serious dating.The 'Young Guy Wole Soyinka’ was replaced with a completely ‘Grey Haired Wole Soyinka’.’Fela Anikulapo Kuti’ died and the government had other musician to contend with.’Beatle’ was replaced with different other luxury cars,amongst which is the Toyota Land Cruiser that I bought (it keeps changing form,but it’s always there that’s why you met it).’Agriculture’ was replaced with ‘Crude Oil’ otherwise known as ‘Black Gold’.’Phones’ were so ubiquitous that traders even had theirs tied in their wrappers or put in their purses.’Style' was painfully replaced with ‘Swagger’ then ‘Swag’ then it died and ‘Style’ was exhumed and resurrected.'Hands/Local drums' were replaced with 'Jazz drum sets'.I could go on and on with things that were and were replaced,but let me stop with these few I have mentioned.

However,all these happened and you were not born yet.So I wonder how it would be when you get here.Definitely some of the things I mentioned here would still metamorphose.It is possible that what you’d meet would be laser guns rather than our regular AK 47s,Pump Actions and so on.It is possible that cars would no longer drive on roads but fly on air (our scientists have high hopes).Phones may not be so big that you'd need to hold them with your hands (they were thinking of Nano-technology).So I’ll try my possible best to keep pictures of as much of these things as I can,because I want you to see the awesome things you missed,but I your dad was opportuned to enjoy.Have a safe trip down here,I really am anticipating your entrance into this great world of ours.

Your Loving Father,
CEO of many companies,
Founder of Foundations,
Lover of your yet to be found mother.


  1. awww that was soo sweet. You took me back lol. Your child will have a wonderful father. Are you sure *ahem* someone is not expecting hahaha ( person no dey know finish oh) i kid, i kid. That was lovely though.

  2. BSNC-I took u back ke? I never left u na! If i leave u,who'd give me the beautiful child? Don't worry sweets,nobody's expecting nothing.Oh wait,i'm expecting a Val's gift from u! hahahahaha

    I stopped by ur blog today,the blog juice is paying off.Nice haphazard post!

  3. you are expecting a val's gift. Okay wait am coming oh. Am coming lol

    i know i just felt like bloging last night..

  4. You are sooo funny...I could not help but smile at how things have evolved...i will save this post as a memoir for my children and use it as my version of "tales by moonlight"

  5. BSNC-Yes,i'm expecting a val's gift,ah ahn,is that hard to comprehend? hehehehehe

    You really should blog often cos i like reading posts from you.

    Rita-I was born with a sense of humour na...hahahaha

    Keeping this post as your version of 'Tales by moonlight' would be great,at least dem go know wetin "Tortoise car" be.Thanks alot for stopping by.

    Queen of My Castle-Thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.

  6. ehh...tales by moonlight,never used to miss it then.abeg make i add dis one:those days we dey use 'agoin soap'to perm our hair for christmas but nowadays children dey compete with adult dey do fixing and bonding of weavons.when i enter salon to retouch my hair for december period i trip na when i saw kids making de same hairstyles as adults.Times ve really changed..hmmm

  7. Helen-Hahahaha I understand wetin u dey talk jare.It's all around us.The change is sweeping pretty fast.

  8. this is real beautiful.. i can picture u at one of those def poetry jams(check out def poetry on youtube).. i looooved reading it so much.. hope u show ur child this pweety piece when he finally arives :)

  9. Kitkat-Thanks alot,i'm glad you feel the piece is beautiful.I'm definitely showing my child this,it's the essence i wrote it in the first place.I'm gonna check the def poetry on you tube like you said,i'm a poetry lover,even write poems myself.Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Nice Nice Nice...caught a bit of the tales by moonlight..**nostalgic, that beautiful narrator**... what's your unborn child's name? abi it is classified?

  11. HoneyDame-Thanks,thanks,thanks! I watched it a whole lot.Sorry,it is classified.I mean,my unknown wife doesn't even know it yet,do you want us to have a fight when she's known? hehehehehehe

  12. oh wow!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! fav. so far
    lmao @ rolling car tires and beatles, those cars were funny, now we call the refined version bugs...times have changed, pls take me back to the 90's *crying out loud*

  13. Coy Introvert-Glad you love it and yeah,it's my fav too.If you finally make it to the 90's,please send me an invitation...hehehehehehe