Friday, February 4, 2011

Faces don't always tell

I have learnt not to judge people without at least getting facts from them first.Sometimes even with facts,i still don't judge because some situations are helplessly weighty and depressing and complicated.Why am i going on and on about this? Well,a friend of mine called me,narrated some personal issues to me and i was somewhat amazed.If you see this friend of mine,you'd swear all is well,but it's the opposite.This got me thinking...People smile and crack jokes,but that isn't a yardstick to happiness.Some people prefer to wear disguises so people don't perceive what really is bothering them.

On a personal note,six months back was really the high point of problems for me.I was battling with an issue that topped all the issues i've ever had to deal with in my little time on this earth.I wasn't sleeping,i wasn't eating,i was very sad but i try not to scrawl it on my face.I went to work normally,smiled normally,joked normally and did every other thing normally,but deep within me i was dying.I had this sharp pain on my chest that was always there (e be like say na heart-attack na im be wan catch my enemy o) and yet i pretended all was well.Eventually though,i decided to let things slide and actually got better.

The moral of this whole discourse is; we see people,they act and we judge or in reaction to their action take our own action.Sometimes our actions are harsh not knowing that they are actually reacting to internal pressures.We should have it in mind that not all that seems well is well.Our reactions to peoples' actions should be thoughtful and considerate.Don't get me wrong though,there are outright gullible people out there who think with their bums (my thought though) and can really work on your last nerve.Such people can be tackled whichever way you deem fit,but just be considerate even with these ludicrous sets.Do have a nice day and a very pleasant weekend ahead.Valentine don dey reach o,i don buy gifts for myself just in case...hehehehehehe.


  1. How can you to two post in a day? what are you on lol. Another nice post. I feel you sha. when my cousin passes away last year ( more like a brother). I was a walking zombie inside, but i smiled and pretended that everything was okay with the world.

    We need to treat people the way we want to be treated ( except some of those shameless males sha lol) because you never know what they are going through

    You brought yourself a gift. Er.. well * scratches head* okay na lol

    P.S: guess what i found the blog juice you have been sipping lol. Its not in your camera like you said..

  2. BSNC-Hehehehe @ "How can you to two post in a day? what are you on lol".I'm sipping on INSPIRATION me Sowee bout ur cousin,it must have been really hard.Yeah,i actually bought myself 2 gifts (A Polo Black by Ralph Laurel cologne and a casual shirt) hehehehe.I love myself well well.Congrats on the blog juice u found,i must've lost it somehow.