Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't try to be like me or any other person,just be a better you

I have never been a bad person,people who knew me and the ones that know me now can affirm that.I have always been a cool guy who never liked trouble.Always law abiding (at least most times),avoided trouble,respected people and so on.It's true that i have it good right now (even without a chick...hehehehehe).A crib,a job (even though i'm yet to go for service),i send money to my mum (when she needs it and i've not squandered it *blush*),i get most of the things i want...It is a fact,but it doesn't mean my life is perfect.

You see some people looking sleek and all and you wanna be them.Well,i've got news for you,"Things ain't always what they seem".I know what i'm saying because i happen to be privileged to know some people who live fake lives and have people wishing to be them (if only they know).There are people who appear wealthy but are heavy debtors.There are people who appear content with what they are doing but are praying for an exit.There are people who appear content with their relationships,they appear as perfect matches outside,but in reality they want out.The list could go on and on.It would be a great sin on yourself if you wish to be like a failure who appears to be cool.

Right now,life is beautiful for me,but i'm trying to make it more beautiful.I am not trying to be like anyone else,i'm just trying to make a better me.I hustle hard everyday,i go to work on some weekends when i'm supposed to be home,i strain myself lots of times,but all in a bid to unveil a better me.If you've been telling yourself that you wanna be like Ebila,then think again cos i still have some people who hate my guts (not that i care though).What you need is a better you.It's not like who you are right now ain't great,but you could form a better you,not a better someone else in you.Don't be pressured by people who compare you with your friends,relatives,neighbors etc.Believe me,they have no idea!

I'm a great guy,but just watch out for me,cos i'm definitely gonna come out better in few years.I'm gonna be a strong force to reckon with and i ain't gonna walk in anyone's shadow.I won't be like you or anyone else,i'm only gonna be like a much more better Me.Have a nice day people.Again,i don talk my own finish!


  1. Like helen said Gbam lol. They is a saying if e no be panadol e no fit be like panadol. You do not see panadol trying to be like paracetamol even though they do the same thing. They are still different. You get the gist lol.

    You know how difficult it is to try to be like somebody else. How do you think people loose their identify. Most of the Africans in yankee are suffering from identity crisis. This girl i know once told me that she tries to be somebody else with each boyfriend she had in other to please them. Now she does not know how to be herself.

    Just do you and live your life. Like biggie smalls said, " the sky is the limit and you know that you keep on, just keep on pressing on... you can have want you, be what want" Be what you want in the sense of being a better you like you rightly stated.

  2. true talk! :)
    i used to want other people's lives..not cos mine was bad, but i jst wanted to be as privileged, good-looking or outgoing as them.
    I've learnt to appreciate the life i have cos u never know what lies behind the facade people try to put up until u walk a mile in their shoes.

  3. BSNC-Hehehehehe...I get the gist dearie.Panandol is def different from Paracetamol (That's why i'm the best man alive...hehehehe).

    It's a very unfortunate thing for those Africans with identity crisis,if only i could talk to them (if you know any of them,just use style introduce them to this post).

    Kitkat-I'm very glad you've rediscovered yourself and learnt to appreciate yourself.Truth is,you are the best out there and trust me when i say this,some people wanna be you.You really never know what lies behind the facade people put up.Thanks again dear!