Monday, February 28, 2011

Being grateful

It's a new day in a new week that was born out of a lovely weekend (had a very lovely weekend).Hope your weekend was splendid and fun-filled?

Yesterday i was talking with my new found friend and we were both sharing stories about our childhood.Like me,she also had quite a rough childhood (i've not told you guys about my childhood and i will when the time is right).She was born into a polygamous home with lot's of children before her.She didn't quite get that warmth a child feels when it's just mum and dad.But she grew up to be a very great person.A nice gurl,smart,intelligent,pretty,with a great sense of humour.The point is,even though things were not very rosy,she was still grateful.This is what i actually want to talk about.We sometimes get caught up with the problems we are faced with.We cry,we grumble,we nag,we complain...We generally just yap and yap! This is natural of humans.

However,we have lots of reasons to be thankful.Being alive is a very good reason to be thankful.Being healthy...having loved ones...having love ones who are alive and healthy...having food on the table...having a roof over your head...having clothes on your body...having a good laugh...having cause to smile...having someone that makes you look forward to a new day...I could just go on and on.These things look very normal and so we forget them very often,but they are big deals.If you think it's normal to wake up each day,then pay a very brief visit to the morgue.Lot's of people in the morgue slept and didn't wake up.Some just died suddenly after complaining of headache or stomach pain.Some were sick for a short while.Some died so abruptly that they didn't even know how it happened (al least some dey know say na motor jam dem,some dey know say na sickness kill dem).Should i go on? Just yesterday,i got a very sad news from a friend of mine.We lost a friend of ours two days back.She was an ex to one of my friends and had been suffering from stroke for a few months (yeah,young people now suffer stroke so be very careful),eventually she gave up the ghost a few days back.The news was so shocking to my friend (her ex) and all of us his friends.I mean,she was full of life,she was so fine the last time i saw her (a few months back though).But then again,death doesn't give notice,does it?

It is OK to be worried and complain and cry and do all of those other things,i mean we're humans right? But at the same time,we should often take time out to list the things that we enjoy and should be grateful for.I have learnt to be thankful and show appreciation.I have leart that little things aren't so little afterall but just  underestimated.Have a very pleasant day and week ahead as you put this into consideration.


  1. Many people take life for granted sweets. Most of them need a reality check to realize what life is about.. Am sorry for ur n ur friends loss.. Nothing I can say to make dat better.. x

  2. Yeah, we need to thank God and not take any thing for granted. It's easy to loose sight of all the things we should be appreciative about, especially when we're all praying for better things. But God dey. Sorry about your friend


  3. Melanie-Yes dear,many people actually take life for granted.Thanks alot,i think she's in a better place now and you've already made it better,trust me! *hugs*

    The Corner Shop-It really is easy to lose sight of things we should be grateful for and thanks alot jare,i'm sure she's resting in peace now! Thanks for stopping by though!

  4. wow, a young girl died of stroke? thats hella scary!
    may her soul rest in peace
    nuce interesting post :)

  5. Kitkat-Yes dear,a young people are not affected by stroke though someone called it "Old mama and old papa sickness".Thanks again!

  6. Awww this is so sad. Why are the young ones dying these days. One of my good friends cousin died this weekend. I have spoken to the guy a couple of times. He was a fun person to be around with. I barely knew him and i felt his family pain. God help us.

  7. BSNC-We do need God's help me dear.I wasn't so close to the friend of mine i lost,but we do talk each time our paths cross,plus she was a friend's ex,it was so sad.

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