Monday, February 28, 2011

Being grateful

It's a new day in a new week that was born out of a lovely weekend (had a very lovely weekend).Hope your weekend was splendid and fun-filled?

Yesterday i was talking with my new found friend and we were both sharing stories about our childhood.Like me,she also had quite a rough childhood (i've not told you guys about my childhood and i will when the time is right).She was born into a polygamous home with lot's of children before her.She didn't quite get that warmth a child feels when it's just mum and dad.But she grew up to be a very great person.A nice gurl,smart,intelligent,pretty,with a great sense of humour.The point is,even though things were not very rosy,she was still grateful.This is what i actually want to talk about.We sometimes get caught up with the problems we are faced with.We cry,we grumble,we nag,we complain...We generally just yap and yap! This is natural of humans.

However,we have lots of reasons to be thankful.Being alive is a very good reason to be thankful.Being healthy...having loved ones...having love ones who are alive and healthy...having food on the table...having a roof over your head...having clothes on your body...having a good laugh...having cause to smile...having someone that makes you look forward to a new day...I could just go on and on.These things look very normal and so we forget them very often,but they are big deals.If you think it's normal to wake up each day,then pay a very brief visit to the morgue.Lot's of people in the morgue slept and didn't wake up.Some just died suddenly after complaining of headache or stomach pain.Some were sick for a short while.Some died so abruptly that they didn't even know how it happened (al least some dey know say na motor jam dem,some dey know say na sickness kill dem).Should i go on? Just yesterday,i got a very sad news from a friend of mine.We lost a friend of ours two days back.She was an ex to one of my friends and had been suffering from stroke for a few months (yeah,young people now suffer stroke so be very careful),eventually she gave up the ghost a few days back.The news was so shocking to my friend (her ex) and all of us his friends.I mean,she was full of life,she was so fine the last time i saw her (a few months back though).But then again,death doesn't give notice,does it?

It is OK to be worried and complain and cry and do all of those other things,i mean we're humans right? But at the same time,we should often take time out to list the things that we enjoy and should be grateful for.I have learnt to be thankful and show appreciation.I have leart that little things aren't so little afterall but just  underestimated.Have a very pleasant day and week ahead as you put this into consideration.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Poetic path: It's a long way to yesterday

This isn't just a poem actually,it's a thought.A very intense throbbing thought i had yesterday that was so throbbing i had to put it down in words,and one way i know how to do that is through poems.Poetry is a passion for me because it helps me express my thoughts in an eccentric way.I like how inanimate things receive life in poetry,it really works for my kind of imagination.Enjoy people!


It's a very long way back to yesterday
You might be tempted to say yesterday was just yesterday,but it definitely is a long way back
Only a fool attempts to embark on a journey back to yesterday,because even the strongest of men,the bravest of warriors,and the most dreaded of pirates cannot make it to yesterday
However,i wish i had what it takes to journey back to yesterday...
What does it take to journey back to yesterday?
I wouldn't dare linger on that thought
Though there are some things i'd have done differently
I'd have fought some fights differently
I'd have said some things differently
I'd have reasoned differently on some issues
I'd have concluded differently on some things
I'd have looked differently at some things
I'd have attacked some things
I'd have released some things
I'd have been braver
I'd have been more fierce on some occasions
I'd have been nicer
I'd have been kinder
I'd have been more appreciative
I'd have been...well
I'd have still been alive,right?
The fact that i can't make it back to yesterday tells me i can make today better
And make tomorrow even better
It's a long way to yesterday,but i'd rather journey into tomorrow

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someone to lean on

"No man is an island".I have not found out the man who said that,but he indeed was a very sensible man.Indeed no one is an island,no one can do it all,or take it all,or know it all.At some points in our lives,we need someone to talk to,someone to rely on,someone to tap from.Someone we know would definitely have something meaningful to say,or something to give.Sometimes it's either of our parents,a sibling,a relative,a friend,a colleague (who is a friend),a pastor...somebody sha.

I'd always been a good person.I'd always had people confide in me,i'd always had people look up to me,but i'd not always been too open.Don't get me wrong,i've never been secretive,on the contrary,i'd always been open.But the thing is because they see my as a 'bone',they feel i don't have issues and thus don't bother listening to me.Also,i don't particularly like to bother people with my issues.So what do i do? Well,i listen to them and give my free advice as usual.Since i am considered above-problems,i just keep them bottled up inside (but e make me strong well well sha...hehehehehe).

However,in my first year at the university,i met someone who was just like me.When i mean just like me,i wasn't mincing words.He's my age,he shares thesame star sign as i (Libra),he shares thesame likeness for music and poems,he shares thesame taste of music,he has thesame views on issues,he has thesame beliefs (at least almost thesame),he even shares thesame hobbies,we belonged to thesame club in school (Rotaract Club),we got involved in politics and were presidents at thesame period.In case you're wondering if he's my twin,don't even bother cos i don't have a twin (except my mama no talk true all this while).But he could pass for my twin somehow.Within the short while we knew each other,we became very close friends.I even got to meet members of his family,including his owesome dad (I use to tease him that his dad was cooler than him and would get the babes if they go out to look for some...hehehehehe).He became the one i leaned on and i was also to him what he was to me (yeah,finally i got someone to listen to me...hahahahaha).I always ran things by him cos we almost always agree on issues and he did thesame.He criticized me when i erred,but he knew the right time to do that.He was an example of what i call a good friend because each time i was in need and he could be of help,he didn't hold back.Till this day that i'm making this post,he's my 'wing man',he understands me almost totally (make una no come say i dey exaggerate) and so we get along very well (except those few times i plan to break his leg...hehehehehe).He was a year ahead of me in the Uni and so left before me,but we always kept in touch.Right now,we're in different states,but we still keep in touch regularly and still listen to each other and as usual,tender our opinions on stuffs.We also still manage to see each other,though hustling is very tight at this point.He is my 'bone' man!

We need a certain 'somebody' at one point in our lives.We don't know it all,we can't do it all,we can't take it all.Sometimes all we need is just to talk to somebody who understands us and knows the thing we want to hear at a particular time.I've found mine,have you? Have a very nice day ahead.

Monday, February 21, 2011

You just got jilted? Lets celebrate!

For those of you who were jilted and keep complaining,crying and sulking,put a sock in it! When things happen,our thoughts always drift to negative things rather than the positive things.We think of so many stuffs like what it'd have been like had we been with the person we broke up with,how happy we'd have been and all those other hogwash.But lemme ask this,how did you know it'd have been lovely? How did you know it wouldn't have ended in a chaotic manner? What you have mostly is neat breakups or jilting,we mostly don't hear of the ones that lead to a party being killed or losing his or her life anyhow.

I've come to realize that rather than sitting in a corner sulking when we break up,we should be celebrating and jubilating.Breakups are good,we just don't open our eyes and mind to see that.If a guy or gurl breaks up with you,go out to a club or dancing bar and get your groove on.You're wondering what i'm taling about right? Well,here's it,it simply means you are a step closer to the perfect person for you.Before a breakup occurs,there are signs and in most cases,you even get tired out.Characters are exhibited,mood swings are incessant,frowns are regular,and you tend to drift apart.Even you,personally,know you are better of without all these.Before you sign up for a relationship,you have the mindset that it's all for happiness and when you don't get the happiness you sort,moving on ain't a bad idea at all.

However,i can almost hear somebody say "after all i have put in the relationship,will i just let it all go down the drain?".Well,i don't know about you,but i feel no price is too big to pay for happiness.Ladies are the ones who mostly think in that line.If they date a guy when he was broke till he starts making money and the guy starts messing up,they keep thinking about how much they have put in the relationship,and thus bear the trauma and awful things that the relationship is serving them.But this is injustice to their own selves and it ought not to be so.Relationship is way better with someone who doesn't have very much but makes you happy than with someone who can take you round the world only to make you sad afterward.Regardless of what you've suffered or endured,or what you've given or lost,no relationship is worth loss of happiness.If a relationship grows to a state where happiness is lost,then let the breakup set in by all means.

Did your boyfriend or gurlfriend just jilt you for any reason at all? Are you sitting by yourself crying and travelling down memory lane? Did you put your life on hold? Get your butt off the ground and open your eyes to see it's a blessing.Give me a call lets got to a club or karaoke bar to celebrate.You've just gotten one step towards your perfect match.If a person breaks up with you for any reason,it simply means he or she wasn't right for you,and why would you cry and want to kill yourself over such? I don talk my own finish o...Have a nice day ahead!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Poetic Path: My Childhood Love

If there's something i do very often,it is writing poems.I'd always had a very good imaginative skill,but never realized it until i was in my SS1 after meeting someone who was a good poet.He encouraged me to try,i did and what do you know,i got hooked.There was a point when i wrote as much as three poems in a single day,sometimes i write daily.I just keep pouring my thoughts and imaginations.Some of my poems are about me,most were born out of my wild imagination.A friend of mine once told me i was writing about him meanwhile i was just allowing my imagination to run wild as usual.Every once in a while i'd be posting some of my poems.Feel free to share and make your comments as usual.The first along this line is titled My Childhood Love,enjoy!

My Childhood Love
With our backs flat on the ground
Covered by a straw mat
Our eyes looking fixedly at the sky
Littered in stars and of course the moon
Sometimes partly shielded by the clouds
And sometimes completely bare
We would talk of issues trivial now
But very imperative at that time
We would laugh most of the time
Sometimes look into each others eyes with so much love
“I’ll be a very rich man when i grow up
When i do
I’ll come and take you with me
And we would get married and be together forever” I’d say
You would smile and tell me you would gladly wait
But time tore us apart
And dumped us in different places of the world
Now all i have of you are memories
My childhood love
Wherever you are
I hope you still think of me
I hope you still think of those nights under the stars
I hope you still think of those dreams shattered by time
Because i still think of you some days
And some nights
I still dream of you
Your radiant eyes
Your wide smiles
Your ebony skin
And your beautiful hearty
My childhood love
I hope you still think of me

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Till it fits

My friend possesses an annoyingly 'lucky' feet.He luckily gets the best shoes because his shoes size of 42 is commonplace,meanwhile my 43 (isn't so bad though) aren't that lucky.Most times when we go to shop for shoes,he ends up walking away with the cutest pairs,leaving me with nothing sometimes.I try on different shoes until i get the size that fits and one i like.If it's too free,it goes back on the shelf,if it's too tight,it also goes back on the shelf.But each time i get the right size,it goes home with me.

This single-searching-to-hookup business is a rather serious one o.Finding your match isn't as easy as finding a black ball in the midst of white ones.Rather,searching for a black ball in the midst of navy blue balls in the dark with a faint light better explains it.You go out,and go out,and go out,and go out and sometimes don't get lucky till your 15th try (that's not an exaggeration,is it?).Sometimes,you get lucky on your first few tries.When i was younger,i used to see guys around my neighborhood with different gurls and frankly i considered them 'womanizers' (obviously in my ignorance).There was this particular guy then whose name was TJ.I liked him alot and he was quite used to me (i guess na because i been too know).He's almost 6ft,broad shoulders,muscular (e dey gym that time) and has a fine face.He has an impeccable dress sense and speak well.In short,na correct guy e be.He attended Lagos State University (LASU) and so stayed in out neighborhood which was close to his campus.Gurls easily fell for him and so i see him with lots of them at that time.I used to wonder why he couldn't just settle with one of the numerous gurls he went out with rather than walk in and out the neighborhood with different gurls.But now,i know the answer to my question.Indeed,most things are not what they seem.

While making the most of my single life,i look around for prospective partner.Sometimes i meet a gurl and spend a few minutes with her,we exchange numbers and after a few calls i realise she's just not my type.Sometimes the calls are not enough to ascertain these things so i opt for seeing her and spending realtime with her only to observe the not-obvious difference.

However,for those of you who are like me and feel the number of people that do not match what you're looking for is quite enormous,have no worries,it really doesn't matter.What matters is that in the end you find that perfect person for you (not someone who is perfect o cos they don't exist).I have gone out with a good number of gurls these few months and i'm yet to find one that is perfect for me.So you know what i'm going to do? I'm going to keep looking and looking till i find that one,cos i know she's definitely out there somewhere and it's only a matter of time before i find her.My advice for you who is like me is to follow my lead.Have a nice day people.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Single or just broke up

This young man with a goatee,who loves music to the core,loves to read and write,and his an 'adorer' of poetry is single,no doubt.But that isn't the bases of this post.

Most people i come across these days are either single or just broke up with their partners.The other day i was chatting with a friend of mine online and after saying hi,i asked how she was doing,"I'm not fine" was her response.As a gentle man (for my mind abi?),i asked what the problem was and she was like;"He took away my pride and he dumped me" (my naughty side almost asked her to chase him and collect her pride back...hehehehehe).She was really crushed and devastated,so i had to do one thing i know how to do best,soothe her with my words (that's another gift i have).I spoke to her at length about how the guy wasn't worth her tears,how it's his loss and all that.Eventually i was able to calm her down a bit (cos she was still down even the next day when we chatted).Yesterday,i reached another of my online relationship with another friend who also went on to tell me about her ex.How he was pressured by his mum to get married to someone from their church,and cos she wasn't a member of their church,he left her.I didn't have to soothe her cos it was a fairly long time ago,all i did was relate my own breakup experience and we generally 'sorry sorry' each other.And majority of the gurls i meet online tend to be either heartbroken or outrightly single.

I have lots of questions in my mind like,why do we have a very huge number of singles? Why is heartbreak commonplace? Is it that people don't find their matches easily like they used to? Or is it that unfaithfulness has become normal? I really don't get it.The heartbreaks didn't stop with me or my online friends,it goes beyond.My brother is also complaining about hooking up wahala.I made a post about his breakup saga that almost led to police case.Well,now he's in the market (just like his younger brother) and he isn't finding it easy.So,if a gurl meets him,he'll definitely tell her he just broke up,na wa o!

Well,while i am anticipating the answers to those questions,i'll just continue living life and also expecting a good gurl to come by and take me away from the League of Xtraordinary Single Men (LXSM).

What Valentine's day is really about

I have always had one same argument over the years,and that is what valentine is about.I am always of the opinion that Valentine's day was originally for lovers and the people with which i have the arguments disconcur saying it is for everybody.That is is a day to show love and so on and so on.But what is Valentine's day really about? I'm gonna take you back to how it started.

"The history of Valentine's Day — and its patron saint — is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.
One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men — his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.
Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured.
According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first "valentine" greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may have been his jailor's daughter — who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed "From your Valentine," an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France." As recorded by

Based on the stories,we see that Valentine's day points towards Romance.I took my time to check other sources and the stories were similar.However,people consider Valentine's day to be a day for showing love.These sets of people are not wrong,i mean,Saint Valentine encouraged it.But originally it was supposed to be for lovers.I'm not against people who feel Valentine's day is for everybody,but just for arguments sake,Valentine's day was meant for lovers.

Have a very lovely Val's day today.Whether you have a partner or not,just make sure you have fun,cos i know i'm gonna have my share of fun.Lemme get back to the day's work jare!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The valentine's day i remember

Unsuspiciously,she opened the door and paused for a second at the sight that stretched in front of her.The room was dark with the only lighting coming from a candle.From the door into every parts of the room were small pieces of papers with various inscriptions; "I dey kolo 4 u","I'm crazy about u","I love u","U make me happy","U make my life beautiful" an so on.She slowly started picking from the door to the TV stand to the bed,under the pillow and the smile was obvious on her face.When she was sure she had all the papers in her hand,she walked to me and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips (chei,i can almost feel her lips now sef).All this while,various R & B tracks were playing in the background (i make sure say the thing low but audible enough for us to hear).

Already i had prepared jollof rice (i am a very good cook,you can ask her),there was a cake in the refrigerator and a chilled pack of juice (e be like say i bin no get money to buy wine,i no remember sha *grin*).I went to the kitchen and got the food,poured our drinks and we sat down to eat with a candle in-between us and at some point i opted to feeding her a bit.After the meal,we chatted a while,then the mood was right and............

That was the most memorable of all my valentine's days and it was with a gurl i actually really loved back in my University days.Pretty,very good sense of humour (i dig that so much in a gurl),intelligent,confident and brilliant.The one that actually got the best of me in my Uni.Before i get that gurl ehn,i toast for 2 semesters! I toast so tey i almost turn toaster!

However,even though i mostly have gurlfriends during val,i just don't seem to spend it with them.It's either they're not around or i'm not around,we just never spend it together.And of course,some of the val's just come and meet me as single as a tot of vodka.As a matter of fact,this val is here and i'm single and can only just relish the val that will remain in my memory for a long time till another one comes and erases it.I am single and somewhat loving it.I'm not mad that i don't have a gurlfriend,i love myself very much to give myself heart ache concerning that.I am going to celebrate val with me,myslef and I.I already bought me some nice gifts; A Polo Black by Ralph Lauren,a black Jack Jones Casual shirt (you know that Oshiomole type of shirts?) and a very cute Bed-spread (wey i go sleep on alone one vals day...hehehehehe).

I'm sure if bArOquE sees this he's gonna say i need a chick (i actually think so too...hehehehe) and i'm wondering what BSNC is gonna say.Have a nice weekend ahead people and a nice Valentine's day ahead too.For those of you who are double,make the best of that day,and for the ones who are single like me,don't beat yourself up,just do like i am doing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This love thingy...It doesn't have rules

I was chatting with my colleagues yesterday and we somehow got to a point where we started talking about love.This was as a result of the Nollywood movies they were watching (and disturbing my blogging) where a guy messed up and after a long while went back to his ex and she took him back even though he put her through so much pains.One of my colleagues was of the opinion that love has a rule and if you play by that rule you'd be fine.But i was of a contrary opinion.I am just in my late twenties,but i have witnessed and experienced alot about love to know what i am about to say.

Love...Love...Love! It is the sweetest,softest,finest,happiest,calmest...of all things.Yet,it is the most bitter,harshest,ugliest,saddest,troubling...of all things too.Yeah,LOVE is multifaceted.It has various sides to it.And because it has various sides to it,if you try to play by a rule,then "you're on a loonnnng thing".People are of various characters and attitudes and perceive things differently.If you are familiar with the temperaments in psychology,then you're aware we have the; Flegmatic,Sanguine,Melancholic and Choleric.An individual can be one or a combination of two or more of these temperaments and this makes humans complicated (mostly when you're not a psychologist).The way you relate with a person would bring you crisis if you relate with another person that way.Now lets relate this to the area of focus.If we have lots of different characters out there,how then can you have a rule for love?Check this,haven't you been in a relationship where you were soft and were taken for granted? Good...have you not been in a relationship where you were soft and your partner loved you extremely? I really do laugh when i hear guys or babes play by a certain rule they got from wherever,they always end up in a messy mess (see grammar abeg).For instance,there's this one i got from somewhere that as a guy you should not show a woman you love her or she'll take you for granted and maybe even break your heart.Well,they were right o,but only for a few group of women.Indeed some women would stick to you when you prove hard and don't show that you love them,meanwhile some other women would simply move on to some other guy who really loves them and shows it too.I even hear girls playing by that same rule! There's this funny one also that if a guy is so much into you,then he's not 'real' and would breakup with you sooner than later.Well,that is also true,but concerning some set of guys,definitely not all guys.Some guys get so much into you cos of what they see in you (good character,good heart etc) and as far as that thing/those things is/are still there,they will always be there! I can really go on and on with these absurd rules cos they are quite numerous.

Inasmuch as some of us (minus me sha...hehehehehe) have been playing by certain rules,truth is love doesn't have a rule.If you're saying it does,then you are invariably saying concerning one aspect,there are a gazillion rules because we have a gazillion characters out there.'Playing' (Playas game) has rules,but not love.What i strongly believe is this; if you get to know the person you're in a relationship with,your relationship might be a very happy and successful one.Everybody is different,so you can't treat one person the way you treat another,else,na heavy 'gbege' for you.Love doesn't have guarantees,so you might do everything right and still have a breakup.Just give your best (studying your significant other and acting accordingly) and leave the rest and be very hopeful.In my little years on this earth,i have seen things and  so i know things.Have a nice day ahead people!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't try to be like me or any other person,just be a better you

I have never been a bad person,people who knew me and the ones that know me now can affirm that.I have always been a cool guy who never liked trouble.Always law abiding (at least most times),avoided trouble,respected people and so on.It's true that i have it good right now (even without a chick...hehehehehe).A crib,a job (even though i'm yet to go for service),i send money to my mum (when she needs it and i've not squandered it *blush*),i get most of the things i want...It is a fact,but it doesn't mean my life is perfect.

You see some people looking sleek and all and you wanna be them.Well,i've got news for you,"Things ain't always what they seem".I know what i'm saying because i happen to be privileged to know some people who live fake lives and have people wishing to be them (if only they know).There are people who appear wealthy but are heavy debtors.There are people who appear content with what they are doing but are praying for an exit.There are people who appear content with their relationships,they appear as perfect matches outside,but in reality they want out.The list could go on and on.It would be a great sin on yourself if you wish to be like a failure who appears to be cool.

Right now,life is beautiful for me,but i'm trying to make it more beautiful.I am not trying to be like anyone else,i'm just trying to make a better me.I hustle hard everyday,i go to work on some weekends when i'm supposed to be home,i strain myself lots of times,but all in a bid to unveil a better me.If you've been telling yourself that you wanna be like Ebila,then think again cos i still have some people who hate my guts (not that i care though).What you need is a better you.It's not like who you are right now ain't great,but you could form a better you,not a better someone else in you.Don't be pressured by people who compare you with your friends,relatives,neighbors etc.Believe me,they have no idea!

I'm a great guy,but just watch out for me,cos i'm definitely gonna come out better in few years.I'm gonna be a strong force to reckon with and i ain't gonna walk in anyone's shadow.I won't be like you or anyone else,i'm only gonna be like a much more better Me.Have a nice day people.Again,i don talk my own finish!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your life without worries

I woke up this morning,said my prayers (yeah,i dey pray),did my sit-ups and went into the bathroom.It was there that this thought came...Actually,each time i get into the bathroom thoughts just come flooding in.Anyway,i just started thinking about my life these few months.It's actually been entirely free (or almost free) of worries.I blogged about how terribly i was worried some months back when i had a very pressing issue which virtually robbed me of sleep,made me lose appetite and also caused me to have this very excruciating pain on my chest.At a point i didn't just decide to let go of that issue,i also let go of so many other things that bothered me.

I grew before my time,even as a boy (15-17yrs),i was already thinking of my family (my mum and brother) who were obviously way my elders.I was thinking about my friends and relatives.But it wasn't so intense till i attained 18yrs.I was a deep thinker,i was intense,i got worried easily.At some point,it got really worse when i added girls in the picture (i no know who send me).Then university came in,then IT,then job...I just got more worried about various things ranging from how to meet my immediate needs,how not to bother my folks,how to find a girl that would love me and not be demanding (cos then i was more of a broke ass...hehehehe)...The lists goes on and on.Then the biggest of my worries came after my undergraduate study,and that was how not to lose the girl i could sacrifice ANYTHING for (and i mean it when i say anything).My worries were enormous and hence the excruciating pain on my chest.I decided to let it all go...ALL! Right now,i'm living a life free of worries.I don't think of anything that'll cause sleepless nights,i don't thinking of anything that would make me frown (luckilly i might add,i don't even have a girlfriend).So i am just void of worries and mehn,this is the life!

However,i didn't just make the decision to stop worrying,various occurrence prompted that move.I advised myself (time go come wey nobody need advise you,na you go tell advise),a good friend of mine made a post somewhere and it reads "Worries don't make the problem go away,it only adds to the problem".These are the reasons for my sudden change.The change,however,didn't favor some people.For instance,i stopped being bothered even when i don't hear from my friends and some of them get pretty upset yet i still don't get bothered.

Have you wondered how your life would be without worries? Have you ever wondered how cheerful you would be? A lot of times we get too engrossed in our worries that we fail to enjoy the little things of life that bring happiness.We get so wrapped up that we torture ourselves.We get so into worries that we sometimes end up in the hospital.Well,i have kicked out worries and don't think it'd be coming back anytime soon.You don't have to go about it the way i did,but just try and be nice to yourself.Let go of some worries and this year would turn out to be the loveliest year for you yet.Have a pleasant day and week ahead.I don yarn my own finish,if you like listen,if you like no listen...I no go come visit anybody for hospital o.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My unborn child: Things you’d miss

My unborn child, 
Although I’ve not met your mother yet,I just know you’re there somewhere.As cute as both your mother and i your father put together,maybe even cuter.I already even have a cute name for you.

The reason for this ‘whatever’ is to tell you the things you’d miss.Some are good,while you’re lucky you won't witness some.I was very privileged to be born in a unique time.A time when ‘Tales by moonlight’ was still aired on ‘Black & White’ TV.A time when my age mates and I rolled 'Car tires' and chase after them.A time when 'Wood' was used as toy guns and we wore ‘Curtina’ sandals to school.A time when this great country of ours had coins,1 kobo,5 kobo,10 kobo,50 kobo,then after a while 1 naira.A time when 1 naira was in paper note.A time when girls played ‘Ten Ten’.A time when both us the boys and the girls played ‘Mummy and Daddy’.A time when Wole Soyinka was still a young guy.A time when Fela Anikulapo Kuti,the originator of Afro Beat was alive and a serious heartache for the then government.A time when ‘Beatle’ was a luxury car.A time when ‘Agriculture’ was our main source of national income.A time when phones (land phones) were in the houses of only the wealthy.A time when we used words like ‘Style’.A time when churches garnished their praise and worship with their hands (or local drums).

When I was growing up however,I realised most of these things where already going into extinction.’Tales by moonlight’ was replaced with ‘Ben 10’ on ‘Flat screen’ TVs that were hung on walls.’Curtina’ sandals were replaced with ‘Old Navy’,’Sketchers’ and some other ones.’Car tires’ were replaced with ‘Remote controlled toy cars’.’Wooden’ guns were replaced with ‘Toy guns’ that could actually be used for robbery.’Coins’ disappeared leaving just the ‘Paper notes’.’Mummy and Daddy’ plays were actually ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’ serious dating.The 'Young Guy Wole Soyinka’ was replaced with a completely ‘Grey Haired Wole Soyinka’.’Fela Anikulapo Kuti’ died and the government had other musician to contend with.’Beatle’ was replaced with different other luxury cars,amongst which is the Toyota Land Cruiser that I bought (it keeps changing form,but it’s always there that’s why you met it).’Agriculture’ was replaced with ‘Crude Oil’ otherwise known as ‘Black Gold’.’Phones’ were so ubiquitous that traders even had theirs tied in their wrappers or put in their purses.’Style' was painfully replaced with ‘Swagger’ then ‘Swag’ then it died and ‘Style’ was exhumed and resurrected.'Hands/Local drums' were replaced with 'Jazz drum sets'.I could go on and on with things that were and were replaced,but let me stop with these few I have mentioned.

However,all these happened and you were not born yet.So I wonder how it would be when you get here.Definitely some of the things I mentioned here would still metamorphose.It is possible that what you’d meet would be laser guns rather than our regular AK 47s,Pump Actions and so on.It is possible that cars would no longer drive on roads but fly on air (our scientists have high hopes).Phones may not be so big that you'd need to hold them with your hands (they were thinking of Nano-technology).So I’ll try my possible best to keep pictures of as much of these things as I can,because I want you to see the awesome things you missed,but I your dad was opportuned to enjoy.Have a safe trip down here,I really am anticipating your entrance into this great world of ours.

Your Loving Father,
CEO of many companies,
Founder of Foundations,
Lover of your yet to be found mother.

Faces don't always tell

I have learnt not to judge people without at least getting facts from them first.Sometimes even with facts,i still don't judge because some situations are helplessly weighty and depressing and complicated.Why am i going on and on about this? Well,a friend of mine called me,narrated some personal issues to me and i was somewhat amazed.If you see this friend of mine,you'd swear all is well,but it's the opposite.This got me thinking...People smile and crack jokes,but that isn't a yardstick to happiness.Some people prefer to wear disguises so people don't perceive what really is bothering them.

On a personal note,six months back was really the high point of problems for me.I was battling with an issue that topped all the issues i've ever had to deal with in my little time on this earth.I wasn't sleeping,i wasn't eating,i was very sad but i try not to scrawl it on my face.I went to work normally,smiled normally,joked normally and did every other thing normally,but deep within me i was dying.I had this sharp pain on my chest that was always there (e be like say na heart-attack na im be wan catch my enemy o) and yet i pretended all was well.Eventually though,i decided to let things slide and actually got better.

The moral of this whole discourse is; we see people,they act and we judge or in reaction to their action take our own action.Sometimes our actions are harsh not knowing that they are actually reacting to internal pressures.We should have it in mind that not all that seems well is well.Our reactions to peoples' actions should be thoughtful and considerate.Don't get me wrong though,there are outright gullible people out there who think with their bums (my thought though) and can really work on your last nerve.Such people can be tackled whichever way you deem fit,but just be considerate even with these ludicrous sets.Do have a nice day and a very pleasant weekend ahead.Valentine don dey reach o,i don buy gifts for myself just in case...hehehehehehe.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breakup Drama

I can't remember ever having a drama-filled breakup.Apart from the occasional waterfalls and sober moments,all my breakups have been very peaceful and matured.No screaming,no shattering of glasses or other stuffs,no swearing,no cursing.Even my last breakup was drama-less (i think...hehehehe).Maybe i never jam mad babe before sha...hehehehehe.Sincerely,this breakup issue is very serious.It is one that forms the bases of hatred sometimes and even leads to harmful stuffs.I've witnessed breakups that got physical and the ones that almost got physical but settled for curse words and the likes.

I received a call from my brother's ex last week (before she became his ex) and as usual it was about how my brother wasn't treating her well and all the other stories.Meanwhile i knew the whole story and had already told my brother to let her go long ago but love no go gree am.Anyway,she talked and talked and i scoped and scoped,eventually she cut.I called my brother and bros say him don tire (i support the tiredness sha).I'm not a bad brother,on the contrary i am a very good brother.The gurl in question is drama impersonated.They were consistently quarreling over trivial issues even when i go visiting.It sometimes get so serious that she leaves the house and doesn't come back for days.My brother's a very quiet kinda guy,him no dey talk but him take style wicked (no tell am say i talk so o).Whenever they start,he's the one that is always very quiet,but when him take action,she dey cry.Anyway,he told me it was over this time and there was no going back.I was happy about his decision.However,his ex called me again that same week only to tell me some funny stuff and that she wanted to get the police involved...for inside breakup? Ha! I talked long with her and after she dropped i called my brother only to be told he was already prepared.Right now there's been calmness from both end so i presume their body don cool down.

I keep wondering though,does breakup need to turn dramatic? Can't people just have a quiet and peaceful breakup like i've been having? (Yeah,i'm a good point of reference).These same people who break heads and slap cheeks and slam phones and shatter glasses and scream curse words are the same people who claimed they were in love.Abeg since when love come turn violent na? Didn't they say love was peaceful? Well sha,there's also a saying that "It's a thin line between love and hate",so i no suppose dey shocked.However,i just don't think breaking up is worth the drama.Breaking up is already exhausting enough,why would people now make it even worse by fighting? I just wonder o,i really wonder.Have a good and drama-less day today and please if you'd breakup for any reason,try to do some without the neighbors gathering.I don talk my own finish!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shey na like dis we go dey dey?

There's so much fuss about this month.Always when it's February,people start making plans.Gurls start daydreaming,fantasizing and also requesting for stuffs in advance.Meanwhile some guys start falling sick,travelling,unreachable (phone-wise) or outrightly doing some serious 'jilting'.February is really the month of drama,u go laff so tey your belle go almost burst.Mostly when 14th draws near,humorous things begin to happen.Till after the 14th,conversation,plans,preparation (and what have you) are all valentine's day related.If you don't have a clue of what i'm talking about,log onto your Facebook or Twitter account (for people wey get).A friend of mine tweeted me yesterday and his tweet was really hilarious.

His tweet-"happy new month 2 u too. well i aint lukn 4wd to d 14th jst 4 d records."

Mine-"Wetin b 14th again sef?"

His-"14th is d day whn non-singles enjoy life n stuffs happen. bt u n i r single. :P"

Mine-"LMAO! U min they wait til den to hv fun?Bein nonsingle realy sucks!"

Another of my crazy friend joined in the 'tweetversation' with just one tweet but a very crazy one.

His tweet-"14th, na him INEC voters registration go close sey abi??" (In response to my initial question)

The thing is we're all single so this valentine is rather a big joke for us,or at least we're trying not to feel bad (abi we no get right to? hehehehe).Now the question i'm asking is this "Shey na like dis we go dey dey?".