Thursday, January 20, 2011

You're wealthy...more than you know!

I woke up this morning with the mind of talking about something else.However,i heard something some days back that struck my mind,"Wealth is not how much you have but how much you've given out.".It's been days,but that simple sentence has been reverberating in my head.

In a society like the one we find ourselves (Nigeria),wealth is perceived differently.Wealth in our society is how much you've amassed,how much you are worth.This perception is the bases of a lot of atrocities,a lot of inhuman activities,a lot of....make i just stop there! Our politicians make looting a regular political activity,our public servants make bribery normal,and even our private sectors aren't left out,corporate stealing takes place (stealing wey involve biro).What's more? These people are celebrated and thus feel their actions are morally acceptable.But here's the truth; "only a fool celebrates a fool for his foolish achievements,because he is clueless" (write am down somewhere,that na my own quote).

However,this perception is outrageous.Wealth in the actually sense isn't measured by how much you have in your bank account or how much you're worth,wealth is measured by how much you've given out.What you've amassed doesn't speak for you,but what you've given out is a LEGACY,it speaks volumes.It speaks for you even long after you're gone.Henry Ford was a very wealthy man,not because his bank account was fat,but because of what he gave out.He founded an NGO,Ford Foundation,that assisted (and is still assisting individuals and corporate organizations).John D.Rockerfella was also very wealthy,he founded The Rockerfella Foundation,Warren Buffet,Bill Gates,they all have their own foundations that give out millions upon millions of dollars yearly.I can go on and on with the lists of really wealthy people (not wealthy like our society knows it).Let's now shift from that,because a lot of us don't have the resources to prove their wealth in that respect,so let's digress from that.You can give out other things you have,your time,your knowledge,your talent,the idea is giving out to enrich others in one way of another.If the name Fela Anikulapo Kuti is mentioned today,the reactions are still amazing.Now let us consider people who are alive in this great nation of ours.How do you feel when you hear the name TuFace? Basketmouth? I Go Dye? Wole Soyinka? These are people who are giving greatly and even though they're still alive already have legacies.These are wealthy people.

I am definitely not among the school of thought that feel wealth is what you have in your account,nope! I believe wealth is what you are able to give out,what speaks for you when you are not even there.The money you have in the bank cannot reference you,but the people whose lives you've touched (positively o) would definitely reference you even when you're not there.Don't get me wrong,i'm not saying you shouldn't acquire riches,i'm not saying you shouldn't have bank accounts.But you should do more than that.The money in your account should have a purpose,not just so your children's children meet it.I am not also of the school of thought that anybody is poor.We were all blessed with one gift or the other.There's something you can do that nobody can,or a lot of people can't.Give that to enrich lives and that might even be your source of acquisition of riches.I have always known this so i have always been a giver.I mean na me get this dynamic blog na...hehehehehehe!

Finally,do you have the talent of singing? Hit the stage! Do you have the talent of writing? Hit the pages of newspapers or books! Do you have the talent of drawing? Splash those paints on canvasses! Just give what you have,it's the legacy you'll leave.Have a most pleasant day ahead!

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