Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whoever says men don't like being pampered?

Two nights ago i was listening to the radio (i think it was Cool FM or Rhythm FM) and the topic of their discussion was "What do ladies want from their men?" and all the women that called in went on and on about being pampered.I'd always known that and also gotten involved in it,but it got me thinking.

I was raised in the midst of women though i don't have a sister (my mum gave birth to just my elder brother and I).My mum had to work,so my aunties were the ones who were home to take of us.During hols,we usually go to one of our uncle's who had 5 children with just one boy.So even during the hols i was still always around women (maybe it's the reason i usually do well with the women folks).I've always been the type that try to know people cos only then can you jell with them.Women,women,women...They want attention...They want to be pampered...They want to be your showpiece...They want to be the most important thing in your life.Their wants and needs are not always unattainable,in fact,i consider them modest (as far as they don't request for castles built with diamonds,suspended in the sky and guided by angels).

However,i have an issue with most of them on this part of the world (just like they have with us,the men folk).They are insensitive and don't realize that we are alike in our wants and needs.They usually refer to us as 'big babies' but fail to do what they ought to do to us big babies.They want care,lots of love,pampering...Whatever give them the idea that we don't want these things too? Forget the fact that we play Macho,underneath that are very soft cores.We were made with feelings,so we love and hurt just like women...We laugh and cry,just like women...We have hopes and fears,just like women...We wanna be pampered too,just like women.If women get to put this at the back of their minds,they definitely would get to have more of their wants and needs being met.I don talk my own finish! Have a blissful day people.


  1. LMAO @ your desperately seeking pampering ass, you never start *smh*
    Advice, go & marry 3 wives, then you will get the pampering you so desire

  2. Gerrout jor...hehehehehe! Lemme tell u,i had a gurl dat was pampering me o,buh...Talk tru bArOquE,u sef like pampering,na lie? LMAO

  3. i guess everyone need pampering every now and then. My case was the opposite. I grew up with too many males. So this chic had pampering overload lol.

  4. BSNC-Why thank you! I guess the pampering still continues right?