Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Really,whatever happened to love letters?!

I was just going through my twitter page and i saw a tweet from a friend of mine and it reads; "I dont care wat century we live in... Wateva happened to love letter?".Though i replied her tweet asking if she wanted one,but i didn't really think of it until now.

Really,what happened to love letters? There's YAHOO!,there's Twitter,there's Facebook,there's MySpace and so on.And all these provide the facility for sending and receiving mails from people and in a very very very timely manner too,i mean in seconds.This is what happened to love letters,the Internet.People stopped seeing the need of writing on papers since the internet and even writing love letters became digitized.

However,actual love letters on paper are very priceless.I remember girlfriends of friends (i'm a saint so didn't have girlfriends,yeah right!) keeping the letters written to them by my friends and showing it to them after a very long while.There are some mothers who even still have the love letters written to them by the love of their lives.Really,the era of love letters was fun.I can imagine a girl holding my love letter close to her heart after reading it and falling to the bed (no be say she dey faint o) in pure happiness.I am allowed to dream,am i not?! Again,the era of love letters was really fun.Guys rushing off to buy colored writing sheets,writing in their best handwriting,spraying the sheets with perfume....Girls replying in colored sheets also,with their best handwritings and a red lipstick outline of a kiss at the end of the letter....Guys reading the letter and almost fainting with joy from the sight of the 'red kiss'.Mehn,e bin dey sweet o! Hehehehehehe.Right now i don't know if i'm in a relationship or not,if not,i for vex write love letter now now.

Did u like love letters? Did u write love letters? Would you like the era to be re-born? I sure wouldn't mind to see a 'red kiss' at the end of a love letter sent to me o!


  1. Oooh boy.. U can write.. N u r so so right.. Am missing those handwritten loveletters soo much.. Care to write me one? lol

  2. Hehehehe...Thanks alot Melanie and yeah,i miss writing love letters and receiving them also.As regards writing you a love letter,my girlfriend will kill me...hehehehehehe