Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miss independent rocks!

Lots of musicians have sung about 'Independent women',amongst which is one of my favs,Neyo who sang 'Miss Independent'.There's this part of the song i love and it,"Ooo there's something about a woman that wants you but don't need you...".Man,e make sense die.

A few years ago i wouldn't have been able to relate to what Neyo was trying to say,but right now,i definitely feel him.We,guys, are comparatively plain,we don't have those confusing characters or attitudes.We are just as pellucid as the water in an aquarium,unlike the women folks.We like doing the chasing/hunting because we consider ourselves naturally Hunters (that one no mean say we no dey like babes wey fit toast us every once in a while o).But that ain't what i wanna talk about sha,so let's just switch.

An independent lady is the one that every guy would pick any time any day.She doesn't give you the opportunity to mess with her cos she knows what she's worth.She doesn't let you sit by yourself sometimes thinking you've done wrong,even when you cannot really tell how or why you feel that way.She is soft yes,but she doesn't rub it all up on your face.She doesn't make you 'eat the bread of sorrow'....hehehehe ( i be Methuselah).Independent in this context covers material and emotional.I don't want a woman who always waits for my pay check,even though i may not want her to spend her money on anything.I don't want a lady who can't get herself preoccupied with other stuff when i'm not around,but instead makes me feel uncomfortable wherever i am with all her because she's feeling lonely.I ain't saying it's wrong to miss me when i'm gone,but it shouldn't be a burden on my shoulders (you ladies might wanna disagree with me,but my guys know wetin i dey talk).

However,this independent thing can go way overboard,and when it does,the result is the same with the dependent one,BREAKUP! So as usual,independence should be with a balance.If you get too independent as a lady,then you're telling us we have no use in your life and we always most definitely walk.My ex gurlfriend was independent in the way that every guy would love (don't ask me why we broke up cos i won't tell) and so right now,if i wanna be in a relationship,it's gonna be with an independent lady.She makes a relationship sweet and almost drama free.Have a nice weekend jare,i'm out!


  1. That is an independent woman alright. who will ask you about your ex, you never tell anything jor :(

    wait you said if you want to be in a relationship, didn't you just right a whole blog post about your lady love a couple of dayz ago. I am suspecting you oh..

    You still have not told me the blog juice you are sipping on. I need to find my blogging mojo back..

  2. BSNC-Hehehehehe...Don't worry,i'm gonna talk bout my ex soon cos of u (u na my person na).The blog post was about a babe i cheat every other babe with,her name is Music.If you want ur blog mojo back,see me in camera (na me bin take am).

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