Monday, January 24, 2011

Judging a book by it's cover

I've been guilty of this at one time or the other and i know you have too.Truth is,i still get pressured by myself to do it.Yeah,i still sometimes judge a book by it's cover.

However,i for one,isn't supposed to be caught in the act.The reason? I'll tell you by telling you a story.I graduated from Federal University of Technology,Minna,where i studied Library and Information Technology.In my first year as a full student of that institution,people never really knew the real me.I had the disposition of a very 'good boy' (SU as it is called).You know,the one that goes to church before it starts,sits in front row,maybe even a church worker.The one who doesn't know what alcohol is,who doesn't have girlfriends and so on.I went to class regularly ,actually,but i left immediately after class and so many of my mates didn't know me.The ones that knew me knew me as a 'good boy'.But they were soon to be shocked to their marrows.At a point in my first year i got involved in departmental politics and ran for the post assistant secretary general and took some of the guys i relate with out to a bar to celebrate my victory.I ordered a bottle of Star to start the round-table sitting and i smiled at the amazed stares.Some actually felt i wanted to 'feel among' and so they were watching to see me get drunk and misbehave.But i downed my first,ordered a second,downed it and we all resumed 'spirit' consumption.At that point,the lightheaded ones were already showing themselves and of course everybody loosened up and started talking.Most of them affirmed that they swore i never drank and that it was a shocker for them.One even asked "So u dey drink?",my response was "Dem no dey write am for face" and we all laughed.After that day,they looked at me differently.But for my other numerous mates,they still thought i was an 'SU' until the ones i took out happened to them,then their views also changed.

Like i said earlier,i have the appearance of a 'good boy',but i won't call myself that.If you meet me for the first time,you won't know i actually hang out in bars and clubs and you would swear i can't talk to a girl even though i'm an helpless romantic and not bad at all with the ladies (yeah,call it advertisement!).I often meet people who get shocked when they see me doing some stuff.Like once a girl was like "You are getting spoilt o,so you now drink?",meanwhile that was like years after i started drinking.I responded by just laughing.

It is not advisable to judge someone by appearance.Some people are pretenders,while some just have deceitful looks (i'm among the latter) so if you don't get to know them before you draw conclusions,it's always at your own detriment.Lots of people have met certain fates simply because they wrongfully judged a situation or person.What will you lose if you dig a little deeper? What will you lose if you give yourself a chance to know that person before you write him off? Many a people have lost jewels simply because they weren't patient enough to get to know them.Like i said before,i've been guilty of it and sometimes still do it,but in most cases i give people a chance to reveal their real selves.I mostly give people a chance to either prove themselves or prove me right.

I'll conclude by saying this; as you start this new and promising week,be open to people and situations,give them a chance to prove themselves or prove you right.You never can tell when you'll even meet an angel in disguise.Have a pleasant week ahead,do you best in whatever is put in your hands to do and leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty.I presume your weekend went well cos mine did.


  1. //What will you lose if you give yourself a chance to know that person before you write him off?//

    In other words you think been termed 'a good boy' was writing you off?


  2. Nutty J,i can see u're trying to twist my words...hehehehe! I wasn't considering me at that point but someone who prolly has been termed a 'bad boy' which obviously is a write off.U ehn...hehehehe

  3. lol you are really advising yourself. see him saying he is not bad with the ladies. feel free oh lol.

    I feel you sha. My cousin is just like you. he seems quiet, but the things that comes out from that boys mouth. He needs serious mouth wash lol..

  4. BSNC-I wasn't advertising myself o,but in case u have a friend in 9ja who is free...hehehehehe. I actually am one of the few who enjoy such conclusive judgment people seem to give people cos they mostly think i'm a 'good boy',just like your cousin.LMAO