Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If music breaks my heart...

We met when I was but a child,I think I was around 5 or 6yrs.My mum introduced her to me and showed me very lovely things about her,my uncle attested to those things.From then on,we were inseperable.I can remember vividly how she looked,simply beautiful,amazing,caring,always happy,intelligent...Though I was still very young,I saw the beauty she was endowed with.

As I grew older,she grew with me.However,I saw her differently.She had always been matured,so I won’t say she got matured.I mean,she was way older than me,but our age difference didn’t stop our relationship,we were simply inseperable.She had different sides,this I got to know as time went on.She is not just sweet like I had always known,she was also fierce,wicked,naughty,crazy,annoying…I could go on and on.But all the same,I loved her just the way she was and never thought for once to leave her.

However,as I grew to become a young man,saddled with life’s responsibilities that threaten to drive me mad sometimes,I discovered new facet to her beauty.She was an unconditional friend.Sometimes when I get so mad and blinded by rage,she’s the one that calms me.She doesn’t wait for me to talk,she talks to me,she reads my mind and tells me the things I want to hear.When I’m happy or excited,she’s always there to share my excitement.

Futhermore,she’s never jealous.She believes I’m always gonna be there,so even if I hook up with other babes,she doesn’t nag the hell out of me.The amazing thing about her is that when I get heartbroken,she’s still there to confort me,to tell me everything is gonna be alright.When I feel like giving up on life,and can’t talk to God,my father,she’s the one who tells me it’s going to be alright.Even at times when I get mad at my Father (God),she’s the one who calms me.

I received a telephone call that ruined my day yesterday,I was really down.But as always,she was there to help me through it.And so I wonder,what will I be without her? Without this amazing,awesome love? As I type this,she’s right here with me,smiling at me (prolly cos I’m doing much better) and I am wondering,WHAT WILL I BE WITHOUT HER? WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MY FIRST LOVE? WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MUSIC? Other gurls have broken my heart and i know the pains i felt.I cannot imagine how i'll fare without music,i shudder at the mere thought.

Have a pleasant day people,mine has stared on a good note.I want to use this medium to say a big Happy Birthday to my dear friend Felicia Onuh,have a swell one today!


  1. You are lucky to have such a friend.

  2. O yeah,so very lucky.And from what i read about you,you have such a friend too.