Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi,i'm Ebila and i'm no saint,but...

I heard something on radio a few days ago that flabbergasted me.It amazed me not because that was my first time hearing it,but because it dawned on me that it really was real.I felt it was fictitious but was proved wrong by the voice on radio that day.I read about it on one of the online forums of which i am a member and so i'd like you to have a feel of it.It's slightly edited,read on;
"I am like I said doing something abominable and I know. But I cant help myself. I am an existing member of this forum but I cant post this using my original ID for fear of the stigma cos some of friends in school knows my forum handle.
I am 23yrs old and I am sleeping with my two elder sisters husbands. I am the last girl in a family of 4, 3 girls & a boy. The boy is the oldest. The most painful part is that I am in love one, who happens to be my immediate elder sister's husband. my immediate elder sister is 4yrs older than me. I have always had a crush on her husband right from when they were dating but I never thought it will get to the stage of me sleeping with him. Their marriage is 2yrs although they have no children yet. I am in LASU and their house is close to my school so I moved in with them after their wedding. Our illicit affair didnt start until april last year. My sister works on the Island and leaves for work very early in the morning while the husband is a business man in Alaba market. So I am left with making his food in the mornings before he goes to work. The first time was a mistake but it has never stopped after that mistake. It is actually a daily routine except on weekends that my sister doesnt work. I have cried several times because of what I am doing to her because she doesnt deserve it. She is a wonderful person. On the part of my eldest sister, her husband is very wealthy and so he buys me things I can only dream of whenever he travels. He calls me baby of the house. They have 3 kids. His own is that he seduced me with a drink on my 20th birthday. I lived with them from when I was 17. We still do once in a while but its usually against my will cos he buys me stuffs even as I am in my immediate elder sister's house. I think I am finished if this thing gets out. I want to stop but I am already in love with my immediate elder sister's husband. He is so caring and so romantic.Someone please slap me out of this.".
Hey,pick your jaws from the floor na (though i was as shocked as you prolly are right now).As usual,people posted lots of different things.Some said she should hang herself...Some said she should give her life to christ (good advice though)...Many called her names like slut,whore,bitch and some other bad names you can think of.In conclusion,she was considered despicable.When she called in on that radio show and asked for advice,again she was lambasted by many.

I am not a saint.Nope,i ain't! I have my own shortcomings too.But i have got beliefs and i definitely don't do anything against my personal beliefs.I don't date ex(s) of friends (not to talk of dating their gurlfriends behind their backs),i don't date friends' sisters (was wickedly tempted some years back and can't still explain how i managed to escape),don't sleep with friends of girlfriends (at least i've never been guilty of it) and i definitely will never conceive in my mind to sleep with my brother's girlfriend or ex,not to talk of his wife.But those are beliefs and they get broken.We are humans and thus are not perfect.We are liable to make very terrible mistakes.We are liable to do really despicable things and in the end blame it on the devil (very typical evil doers blame it all on the devil even before devil knew what was happening).

However,should the fact that we're human and capable of making mistakes be an excuse to do some really terrible things? The reasons why some people err sometimes are so very infuriating.There are times when you do wrong things because you were helpless.There are also times when you could've simply walked away but you didn't.Sin is sin,undoubtedly,but that is in the sight of God.In our human understanding,some sins are more terrible than some.A man who steals bread because he's hungry would be forgive much more easily and quickly that a man who steals a hundred naira because he felt he could get away with it.You get my point abi? The next time you wanna do something wrong,let your conscience be your judge.Ask yourself if you can walk away from it or not.What is wrong is wrong,there's no two ways about it! You shouldn't say because you're no saint you should go ahead and continue your wrong doing.

My name is Ebila and i am no saint.Yet,i am not despicable! I'm not trying to judge you though,but i'm trying to get you to judge yourself.Have a nice day people!


  1. Amen to dat sweets... People judge others befor they r able to judge themselves..

  2. Melanie-We're all guilty of it at one point or the other.

  3. BSNC

    Wow that was an interesting post. I was actually talking to a friend when I started reading this, but I had to shut her up cos I was so into the story lol. I can be excused Abi lol.
    I like the way u started and ended the story. I feel your take on the whole issue. We are all humans that have personal beliefs, but they can be broken. It's just how far can someone go. I hope someone slaps the babe like literally..

    I found it interesting that you don't date your friends sister. Can u pls elaborate and I want to hear the story of the temptation lol. That is one hot gist pls enlighten me : )

  4. BSNC-You shut your friend up? Just that? Believe me,with a gist like that,you're even allowed to send her away (i'm kidding abeg o...hehehehe).You so feel me on the issue and someone really needs to slap her (i mean,she even begged for that).Meanwhile,the gist you're scouting for is a secret o,i never got to tell my friend cos he's this very hot-tempered type and gets blinded by rage.But the story might come out someday! Thanks again for stopping by,you make me wanna do more.