Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The harmattan and doing the right thing

Mehn,i woke up this morning and believe me,i almost crawled back under the covers.Yes,i'm a guy and guys dey catch cold too.The harmattan i am experiencing in port harcourt is the type i experienced when i was a student in Federal University of Technology Minna.Once i got stuck in a sack used as a door cover in one of the compounds i use to stay off campus all in a bid to escape the cold,and the cold i was trying so desperately to avoid almost turned me into an iced fish.

Anyway,i woke up and went straight to the kitchen to heat water.I had my bath,got dressed and breezed into the office.But while i was battling with the cold this morning,i remembered a rather funny incident some days before.A pretty friend of mine was complaining about the cold and i couldn't help but laugh at her.Why? Well,she was wearing a sleeveless top! Yeah,it was a cute top,very cute i might add,but it was sleeveless.Now is that reasonable? In a bid to look very beautiful,our ladies actually crack us up.Have you seen some of them on high heels? Let's not even go there,let's leave that for another day.You're complaining of cold and yet you're putting on a sleeveless top.Abeg tell me why i no go laugh?

However,this brings me to the moral of this whole 'plenty' talk.We are actually faced with 'doing the right thing at the wrong time' in our daily affairs.Sometimes we just get so caught up in the things we want to do,and even though they are not right for that particular time,we still go ahead to do it and worst still,complain when things go wrong.Things don't go wrong when done well and at the right time.If you spread your cloths outside when it is raining,then you really shouldn't complain when your cloths don't get dried.If you get cold during this harmattan while putting on sleeveless,don't complain.If you know what's right,do it and in the right time too.Have a nice day people.My company is air-conditioned,and i'm putting on a long sleeve shirt...hehehehehehe!

If you have anything you'd like to add,please feel free to drop a line.


  1. When, us women, try to look nice n we complain just a little (cos of d cold), its not ok. When we walk around in our sportingoutfit d entire day, its not good either. We should stop complaining perhaps, but u know wat thats not in our nature, so dats not gonna happen.. So be happy when we try, give it our best shot.. Appreciate, even when we do complain (a little)..

  2. Well Melanie,it's not as if we don't appreciate when you guys try to look good for us,but you should know the right thing to wear at the right time.Fashion is season-conscious.Dry season has it's kind of cloths,rainy season has it's kind of cloths,summer,winter,spring,autumn(for those outside nigeria),they all have the cloths that suite them.Actually though,the idea of the post is not just the weather and the cloths,but generally doing the right thing at the right time.Thanks alot though!