Monday, January 17, 2011

Good servant then good master

I was with my boss yesterday afternoon in his cute apartment not too far from my own apartment (yes,my apartment is also cute).Being that i was no stranger to the house,i went straight to the refrigerator and got myself a chilled glass of pineapple juice and sat next to him.On the TV screen was Chelsea VS Blackburn Rovers,with Blackburn down by 2 goals.A conversation ensued and my boss got somewhat bitter.The topic of the conversation was the nonchalance of Nigerians toward our great nation.I guess what brought about the topic of the conversation was the dedication  of John Terry to Chelsea.My boss was bitter about the fact that our national footballers play for the nation like they're doing the nation a favor,while they play for their club sides as if it's a matter of life and death.He relived those days when we had footballers who loved their nation.The days of Sunday Oliseh,Daniel Amokachi,Finidi George,Samson Siasia,the late Uche Okafor (may his soul rest in peace) et al.We talked on that for a while and touched the fact that it extends to every facet of our country,public servants being nonchalant in their duties or wanting to be bribed first before exercising their duties.He talked with so much displeasure,but i had learned not to be too passionate about our inadequacies simply because it really gets me very upset too.We talked for a while and then i bade him and his family farewell.
While walking home,i reflected on our conversation and really,the situation is a very sad one.Some people work so sluggishly and nonchalantly that you wonder if they are paid for their jobs or working pro bono.Sometimes when you try talking to them,some of them make comments like "Na my papa company?".So because "no be your papa company" the company is allowed to go down? The funny aspect is that a lot of these people are thinking of starting their own companies someday and they fail to realize that before you become a good master,you must first be a good servant.Only good servants make good masters.All the great men we know today were diligent servants."Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness - great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy." as quoted by Jim Rohn.A lot of people chase after wealth yet are very slothful in their duties.The question i keep asking myself is how do these people hope to lead when they can't even do something as plain as 'following'? The i-don't-care attitude we put up affects this nation so much that everybody works as if working is a burden.We need a change of attitude,if we feel not for our sakes,then at least for our childrens' sakes.How would it be if we let them come into a country where people don't give 100% input to their tasks?


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