Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do i know you?

I was just on my own jeje,minding my business and trying to achieve my task for the day when my phone beeped.I checked to see an sms from a friend of mine that virtually spoilt my day and i found myself asking "who the hell is this person?".

I've been dealt with by people and have witnessed people being dealt with by other people,so i try as much as possible to expect the worse from people in order not to be taken by surprise at any point in time,but this very person brought down my defenses.I mean,i was shocked to the bone.Have you ever known an angel? Angel who you would swear cannot hurt a fly...An angel who always was caring...An angel who you thank God for making your paths cross...If you have,then now imagine that angel becoming very despicable.

My dear friend,i still don't understand why you sent that sms and probably never will.But do you know the questions ringing in my head? Who the hell are you? Do i know you? The person i used to know was very sweet,very reasonable,very kindhearted.The person i used to know doesn't like hurting people,but you are nothing like her.Your sms was wicked and very heartless.The thing you told me you did and the one you said you'll do are quite terrible.And though i never expected it from you,i guess i should've just remembered that nothing is new under the sun,even you can change cos you're human.

I know what you're thinking..."Dem don dump am na im make am dey blab"...Nah,trust me,dumping is lighter.The sms wasn't about 'dumping',rather it was about man's inhumane actions to man.


  1. It is apparent you're not ready to tell us exactly what happened? Ok oh

  2. Hehehehe...Sowee,but i no go talk.I prolly will tell it sometime soon,but not now.Thanks for stoping by though! Hope say u no dey vex?

  3. Na wa oh. Your title say do i know you. its seems like you know the person. Pele, the story is just like kanye west heartless song. How could she be so heartless.

    I just noticed that you update your blog almost everyday. You try oh what blog juice are you sipping on?

  4. BSNC-Ha BSNC! U like music so tey i'm seeing Kanye West here.Anyway,don't mind her jare,na bad belle.Thanks for stopping by though and asper the blog juice i'm sipping on? I'll check the bottle when i get home.