Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cherish what you have or let it go cos you don't need it

I'm sure you've been told directly or have heard it somewhere that "you don't know what you have till you lose it",i know i've heard it from somewhere,maybe it's been used on me (i said maybe o).And even if it has been used on me,c'mon,we all have our shortcomings!

However,is it supposed to be so? Are we supposed to appreciate somethings in our lives and not appreciate others? I often wonder why we acquire things and end up not appreciating or cherishing them.The amazing thing is that we sometimes attach somethings to our lives knowing we don't have need for them and it's no wonder we end up abusing such things.

Lemme tell you a short true story.My friend X (really this story's about a friend of mine,but i'm not gonna mention his name) met and fell in love with Y.They started dating and he treated her the way ladies love being treated.You know the whole gifts-buying,time-spending,regular-calling,sms-sending,hanging out with friends (ladies you know what i'm talking about).However,after a long while,Y started taking my friend X for granted and after trying and trying and trying again to make her come round,she just was adamant.My friend X got fed up and called off the relationship.Before long Y came back begging and even sent people to beg,but it was too late,my friend Y had made up his mind.I saw tears,i saw regrets,i saw wishes (that'll not come to pass) and i just felt sorry for her.But truthfully,i persuaded my friend Y against going back because i was the one who witnessed the whole drama and the pains my friend passed through (i mean he almost died),so i had to discourage their reconciliation (don't crucify me).

Furthermore,i have a friend who acquires things he doesn't want nor need (actually,it's still my friend X),and every time he gives one of such thing out and sees the appreciation the new owner accrues to it,he starts regretting.In fact,on a personal note,i gave out something once and after a while really started missing it,funny right?

I have grown over these couple of years.I've started perceiving things differently from the way i used to.Right about now,i appreciate everything i have in my life; my God,my parents,my job,my house,my friends,my relatives,my gadgets,my cloths,everything that is attached to me! I am convinced that this is how it is supposed to be,if you don't appreciate one thing attached to your life,then you really don't need it and so you should just get rid of it.Come to think of it,it's kind of silly to have something you don't appreciate.So if you're working in a company you don't appreciate,quit...If you're dating someone you don't appreciate,break up now...If you're living in a house you don't appreciate,move out...If you have cloths in your wardrobe you don't appreciate,give them out.I'm sure you've gotten the point by now so i should save my breath.

I can almost hear you say "i might need it later".Well,if you'll need it later,then you can get it later.You can have it now (when you need it later) and not have it later when you need it because of 'abuse'.And please don't tell me there's a fear of letting go because if you don't appreciate it why would you get scared of letting it go? Imagine a Nigeria where everyone appreciates what he has (job,wife/husband,kids/pikins,neighbours,government etc),wouldn't be a perfect one? Have you noticed i always bother on Nigeria and it getting better? Well,i'm a cool naija guy....hehehehehehehe! Have a very pleasant day people,and please change your attitude!

As usual,you can say what you wanna...U sef fit talk your own o.Just drop a comment!


  1. Amen to that.. U make me lose my words..!

  2. Hahahaha...I'm glad you like it,thanks alot again Melanie!

  3. Okay...this makes a lotta sense. And we go try do am like you yarn. Give our old toys (ex-boyfriends) to the less priviledge (joke joke joke..I kid)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...your comments got me thinking.

  4. Nutty J,me like ur blog and trust me,i'm gonna be stoppin there a whole lotta times.I joke too so please don't apologize.Thanks alot for stopping by!