Monday, January 31, 2011

Men are dogs,but women are bitches!

The first thing you'd notice about this post is the topic and i know it's gonna arouse intense 'gbege' from both guys and babes alike.But if you'd just take your time to go through the post critically,you'd see my point.I got tired of hearing people say some things.This has been on my mind for a very long time and i've finally decided to talk about it because it became more annoying this period.

Men are such terrible terrible creatures.Self-centered,wicked,heartless,slimy bastards,liars,manipulative...i can go on and on.I have witnessed guys break babes' heart,even within my circle of friends.Once,one of my friends had this gurl that was so crazy about him.She actually loved him and did everything to please him,but he was just out to play her.He left her feeling very devastated and heartbroken.I knew of a gurlfriend of mine who was very nice and loved her boyfriend to a fault,but the guy was a real jackass.He's handsome,stylish and had some money.He made her feel terrible about herself,always bringing to her notice that he's a cute guy and could have any gurl he wanted.Eventually he left her.I've heard of gurls who got so heartbroken that they stopped eating and almost hurt themselves.I know of gurls who don't even want to hear Me...not to talk of Men.I may have even hurt a few gurls myself.So yes,i agree,men are dogs.But is it just us?

I have a friend (i've made reference to him in one of my previous posts) who was very faithful,caring and nice to his gurl.He loved her so much that she was priority in his life.If it's her birthday,he celebrated it...If her family had any occasion,you'll find him there...If any of her family needed any help that he can render,he trips over himself to render such help...Bottom line is,he was a very good guy who loved his gurlfriend.They dated for 4 years and then she started metamorphosing.We all noticed things that weren't eminent in her before.She became disrespectful,insulting and quite wayward.He got to know she got involved with several other  guys and this really got to him.He talked to her,begged her,cried,screamed,all to no avail.He couldn't take it,yet he couldn't leave her,so he started drinking heavily and smoking like a chimney.I'd never seen a guy so vulnerable even till date.I talked to her on his behalf and even quarreled with her,but is still didn't work out.He started having health complications and had to summon courage to leave her.He was able to move on,but as a different person.Let's just say other gurls suffered his pains.Another of my friend had a different but terrible experience too.He dated a gurl for 2 years and was even planning on getting married to her.A situation arose and instead of staying for them to work it out,she opted for leaving and did so cruelly.My friend almost lost it but for God's grace.I could actually go on and on with more stories.Once i was even 'jilted' by a gurl who couldn't tell me the real reason why she broke up with me,even though she knew i was so into her.One rather funny story was told of a guy who jumped from a storey building because his gurlfriend wanted to leave him.He threatened to jump thinking she'd bulge,but she didn't.And even when he eventually jumped,broke his leg and was hospitalized,she still went ahead and left him.What do these make women? Bitches!

Men don't always fuss about the fact that they were heartbroken and they certainly don't scream high heavens about gurls being bitches.Women are always crying about the fact that men are wicked,men are heartless,men are dogs and they say it with so much hatred.But they fail to realize that it's actually a two-way street.Men are heartless,but so are women...Men are wicked,but so are women...Men are dogs,but women are bitches.So the next time you scream about men being terrible,remember it's a two-way street.I think it's one of the things that make the world go round.I don tire to dey hear say we bad,make una sef examine una selves,na all of us bad! Hope you had a very pleasant weekend? Have a nice and fruitful week ahead.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miss independent rocks!

Lots of musicians have sung about 'Independent women',amongst which is one of my favs,Neyo who sang 'Miss Independent'.There's this part of the song i love and it,"Ooo there's something about a woman that wants you but don't need you...".Man,e make sense die.

A few years ago i wouldn't have been able to relate to what Neyo was trying to say,but right now,i definitely feel him.We,guys, are comparatively plain,we don't have those confusing characters or attitudes.We are just as pellucid as the water in an aquarium,unlike the women folks.We like doing the chasing/hunting because we consider ourselves naturally Hunters (that one no mean say we no dey like babes wey fit toast us every once in a while o).But that ain't what i wanna talk about sha,so let's just switch.

An independent lady is the one that every guy would pick any time any day.She doesn't give you the opportunity to mess with her cos she knows what she's worth.She doesn't let you sit by yourself sometimes thinking you've done wrong,even when you cannot really tell how or why you feel that way.She is soft yes,but she doesn't rub it all up on your face.She doesn't make you 'eat the bread of sorrow'....hehehehe ( i be Methuselah).Independent in this context covers material and emotional.I don't want a woman who always waits for my pay check,even though i may not want her to spend her money on anything.I don't want a lady who can't get herself preoccupied with other stuff when i'm not around,but instead makes me feel uncomfortable wherever i am with all her because she's feeling lonely.I ain't saying it's wrong to miss me when i'm gone,but it shouldn't be a burden on my shoulders (you ladies might wanna disagree with me,but my guys know wetin i dey talk).

However,this independent thing can go way overboard,and when it does,the result is the same with the dependent one,BREAKUP! So as usual,independence should be with a balance.If you get too independent as a lady,then you're telling us we have no use in your life and we always most definitely walk.My ex gurlfriend was independent in the way that every guy would love (don't ask me why we broke up cos i won't tell) and so right now,if i wanna be in a relationship,it's gonna be with an independent lady.She makes a relationship sweet and almost drama free.Have a nice weekend jare,i'm out!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi,i'm Ebila and i'm no saint,but...

I heard something on radio a few days ago that flabbergasted me.It amazed me not because that was my first time hearing it,but because it dawned on me that it really was real.I felt it was fictitious but was proved wrong by the voice on radio that day.I read about it on one of the online forums of which i am a member and so i'd like you to have a feel of it.It's slightly edited,read on;
"I am like I said doing something abominable and I know. But I cant help myself. I am an existing member of this forum but I cant post this using my original ID for fear of the stigma cos some of friends in school knows my forum handle.
I am 23yrs old and I am sleeping with my two elder sisters husbands. I am the last girl in a family of 4, 3 girls & a boy. The boy is the oldest. The most painful part is that I am in love one, who happens to be my immediate elder sister's husband. my immediate elder sister is 4yrs older than me. I have always had a crush on her husband right from when they were dating but I never thought it will get to the stage of me sleeping with him. Their marriage is 2yrs although they have no children yet. I am in LASU and their house is close to my school so I moved in with them after their wedding. Our illicit affair didnt start until april last year. My sister works on the Island and leaves for work very early in the morning while the husband is a business man in Alaba market. So I am left with making his food in the mornings before he goes to work. The first time was a mistake but it has never stopped after that mistake. It is actually a daily routine except on weekends that my sister doesnt work. I have cried several times because of what I am doing to her because she doesnt deserve it. She is a wonderful person. On the part of my eldest sister, her husband is very wealthy and so he buys me things I can only dream of whenever he travels. He calls me baby of the house. They have 3 kids. His own is that he seduced me with a drink on my 20th birthday. I lived with them from when I was 17. We still do once in a while but its usually against my will cos he buys me stuffs even as I am in my immediate elder sister's house. I think I am finished if this thing gets out. I want to stop but I am already in love with my immediate elder sister's husband. He is so caring and so romantic.Someone please slap me out of this.".
Hey,pick your jaws from the floor na (though i was as shocked as you prolly are right now).As usual,people posted lots of different things.Some said she should hang herself...Some said she should give her life to christ (good advice though)...Many called her names like slut,whore,bitch and some other bad names you can think of.In conclusion,she was considered despicable.When she called in on that radio show and asked for advice,again she was lambasted by many.

I am not a saint.Nope,i ain't! I have my own shortcomings too.But i have got beliefs and i definitely don't do anything against my personal beliefs.I don't date ex(s) of friends (not to talk of dating their gurlfriends behind their backs),i don't date friends' sisters (was wickedly tempted some years back and can't still explain how i managed to escape),don't sleep with friends of girlfriends (at least i've never been guilty of it) and i definitely will never conceive in my mind to sleep with my brother's girlfriend or ex,not to talk of his wife.But those are beliefs and they get broken.We are humans and thus are not perfect.We are liable to make very terrible mistakes.We are liable to do really despicable things and in the end blame it on the devil (very typical evil doers blame it all on the devil even before devil knew what was happening).

However,should the fact that we're human and capable of making mistakes be an excuse to do some really terrible things? The reasons why some people err sometimes are so very infuriating.There are times when you do wrong things because you were helpless.There are also times when you could've simply walked away but you didn't.Sin is sin,undoubtedly,but that is in the sight of God.In our human understanding,some sins are more terrible than some.A man who steals bread because he's hungry would be forgive much more easily and quickly that a man who steals a hundred naira because he felt he could get away with it.You get my point abi? The next time you wanna do something wrong,let your conscience be your judge.Ask yourself if you can walk away from it or not.What is wrong is wrong,there's no two ways about it! You shouldn't say because you're no saint you should go ahead and continue your wrong doing.

My name is Ebila and i am no saint.Yet,i am not despicable! I'm not trying to judge you though,but i'm trying to get you to judge yourself.Have a nice day people!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do i know you?

I was just on my own jeje,minding my business and trying to achieve my task for the day when my phone beeped.I checked to see an sms from a friend of mine that virtually spoilt my day and i found myself asking "who the hell is this person?".

I've been dealt with by people and have witnessed people being dealt with by other people,so i try as much as possible to expect the worse from people in order not to be taken by surprise at any point in time,but this very person brought down my defenses.I mean,i was shocked to the bone.Have you ever known an angel? Angel who you would swear cannot hurt a fly...An angel who always was caring...An angel who you thank God for making your paths cross...If you have,then now imagine that angel becoming very despicable.

My dear friend,i still don't understand why you sent that sms and probably never will.But do you know the questions ringing in my head? Who the hell are you? Do i know you? The person i used to know was very sweet,very reasonable,very kindhearted.The person i used to know doesn't like hurting people,but you are nothing like her.Your sms was wicked and very heartless.The thing you told me you did and the one you said you'll do are quite terrible.And though i never expected it from you,i guess i should've just remembered that nothing is new under the sun,even you can change cos you're human.

I know what you're thinking..."Dem don dump am na im make am dey blab"...Nah,trust me,dumping is lighter.The sms wasn't about 'dumping',rather it was about man's inhumane actions to man.

Whoever says men don't like being pampered?

Two nights ago i was listening to the radio (i think it was Cool FM or Rhythm FM) and the topic of their discussion was "What do ladies want from their men?" and all the women that called in went on and on about being pampered.I'd always known that and also gotten involved in it,but it got me thinking.

I was raised in the midst of women though i don't have a sister (my mum gave birth to just my elder brother and I).My mum had to work,so my aunties were the ones who were home to take of us.During hols,we usually go to one of our uncle's who had 5 children with just one boy.So even during the hols i was still always around women (maybe it's the reason i usually do well with the women folks).I've always been the type that try to know people cos only then can you jell with them.Women,women,women...They want attention...They want to be pampered...They want to be your showpiece...They want to be the most important thing in your life.Their wants and needs are not always unattainable,in fact,i consider them modest (as far as they don't request for castles built with diamonds,suspended in the sky and guided by angels).

However,i have an issue with most of them on this part of the world (just like they have with us,the men folk).They are insensitive and don't realize that we are alike in our wants and needs.They usually refer to us as 'big babies' but fail to do what they ought to do to us big babies.They want care,lots of love,pampering...Whatever give them the idea that we don't want these things too? Forget the fact that we play Macho,underneath that are very soft cores.We were made with feelings,so we love and hurt just like women...We laugh and cry,just like women...We have hopes and fears,just like women...We wanna be pampered too,just like women.If women get to put this at the back of their minds,they definitely would get to have more of their wants and needs being met.I don talk my own finish! Have a blissful day people.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If music breaks my heart...

We met when I was but a child,I think I was around 5 or 6yrs.My mum introduced her to me and showed me very lovely things about her,my uncle attested to those things.From then on,we were inseperable.I can remember vividly how she looked,simply beautiful,amazing,caring,always happy,intelligent...Though I was still very young,I saw the beauty she was endowed with.

As I grew older,she grew with me.However,I saw her differently.She had always been matured,so I won’t say she got matured.I mean,she was way older than me,but our age difference didn’t stop our relationship,we were simply inseperable.She had different sides,this I got to know as time went on.She is not just sweet like I had always known,she was also fierce,wicked,naughty,crazy,annoying…I could go on and on.But all the same,I loved her just the way she was and never thought for once to leave her.

However,as I grew to become a young man,saddled with life’s responsibilities that threaten to drive me mad sometimes,I discovered new facet to her beauty.She was an unconditional friend.Sometimes when I get so mad and blinded by rage,she’s the one that calms me.She doesn’t wait for me to talk,she talks to me,she reads my mind and tells me the things I want to hear.When I’m happy or excited,she’s always there to share my excitement.

Futhermore,she’s never jealous.She believes I’m always gonna be there,so even if I hook up with other babes,she doesn’t nag the hell out of me.The amazing thing about her is that when I get heartbroken,she’s still there to confort me,to tell me everything is gonna be alright.When I feel like giving up on life,and can’t talk to God,my father,she’s the one who tells me it’s going to be alright.Even at times when I get mad at my Father (God),she’s the one who calms me.

I received a telephone call that ruined my day yesterday,I was really down.But as always,she was there to help me through it.And so I wonder,what will I be without her? Without this amazing,awesome love? As I type this,she’s right here with me,smiling at me (prolly cos I’m doing much better) and I am wondering,WHAT WILL I BE WITHOUT HER? WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MY FIRST LOVE? WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MUSIC? Other gurls have broken my heart and i know the pains i felt.I cannot imagine how i'll fare without music,i shudder at the mere thought.

Have a pleasant day people,mine has stared on a good note.I want to use this medium to say a big Happy Birthday to my dear friend Felicia Onuh,have a swell one today!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Judging a book by it's cover

I've been guilty of this at one time or the other and i know you have too.Truth is,i still get pressured by myself to do it.Yeah,i still sometimes judge a book by it's cover.

However,i for one,isn't supposed to be caught in the act.The reason? I'll tell you by telling you a story.I graduated from Federal University of Technology,Minna,where i studied Library and Information Technology.In my first year as a full student of that institution,people never really knew the real me.I had the disposition of a very 'good boy' (SU as it is called).You know,the one that goes to church before it starts,sits in front row,maybe even a church worker.The one who doesn't know what alcohol is,who doesn't have girlfriends and so on.I went to class regularly ,actually,but i left immediately after class and so many of my mates didn't know me.The ones that knew me knew me as a 'good boy'.But they were soon to be shocked to their marrows.At a point in my first year i got involved in departmental politics and ran for the post assistant secretary general and took some of the guys i relate with out to a bar to celebrate my victory.I ordered a bottle of Star to start the round-table sitting and i smiled at the amazed stares.Some actually felt i wanted to 'feel among' and so they were watching to see me get drunk and misbehave.But i downed my first,ordered a second,downed it and we all resumed 'spirit' consumption.At that point,the lightheaded ones were already showing themselves and of course everybody loosened up and started talking.Most of them affirmed that they swore i never drank and that it was a shocker for them.One even asked "So u dey drink?",my response was "Dem no dey write am for face" and we all laughed.After that day,they looked at me differently.But for my other numerous mates,they still thought i was an 'SU' until the ones i took out happened to them,then their views also changed.

Like i said earlier,i have the appearance of a 'good boy',but i won't call myself that.If you meet me for the first time,you won't know i actually hang out in bars and clubs and you would swear i can't talk to a girl even though i'm an helpless romantic and not bad at all with the ladies (yeah,call it advertisement!).I often meet people who get shocked when they see me doing some stuff.Like once a girl was like "You are getting spoilt o,so you now drink?",meanwhile that was like years after i started drinking.I responded by just laughing.

It is not advisable to judge someone by appearance.Some people are pretenders,while some just have deceitful looks (i'm among the latter) so if you don't get to know them before you draw conclusions,it's always at your own detriment.Lots of people have met certain fates simply because they wrongfully judged a situation or person.What will you lose if you dig a little deeper? What will you lose if you give yourself a chance to know that person before you write him off? Many a people have lost jewels simply because they weren't patient enough to get to know them.Like i said before,i've been guilty of it and sometimes still do it,but in most cases i give people a chance to reveal their real selves.I mostly give people a chance to either prove themselves or prove me right.

I'll conclude by saying this; as you start this new and promising week,be open to people and situations,give them a chance to prove themselves or prove you right.You never can tell when you'll even meet an angel in disguise.Have a pleasant week ahead,do you best in whatever is put in your hands to do and leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty.I presume your weekend went well cos mine did.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't like BB,i prefer Blackberry

Actually,i don't work on saturdays,they're spent doing me.But today i had something i was supposed to take care of at the office,though i realised that when i got home last night.Hence,i wanna crack you up a little.

Why do people always want to 'feel among'? Why do people like 'fronting'? I live in a city where there are lots of 'fakers',yeah,Port Harcourt (PH) city is the city i'm talking about.Here,you'll meet lots of funny people (we've got amazing sets too though).People who can't afford three square meals a day but still go to bars where they buy a bottle of beer for as high as 300 to 500 naira.Did i hear you say 'fakers'? You definitely are right.I moved to Port Harcourt in october 2000 and in all that time i've still held that value i was brought up with (don't pretend to be what you're not).I am thesame 'real' person i was when i was still in lagos and even all the peers i have in PH couldn't change me (i'm very stubborn and determined,so it's definitely gonna be hard to influence me).

There's this hilarious story i heard sometime ago (it prolly wasn't real but it sure portrays what is obtainable in PH) that really cracked me up.Two friends were gisting,and one was like "I don't like BB,i prefer Blackberry".I'm laughing even as i type.Jeez,that is funny! What the hell is the difference between BB and Blackberry? You know,it was her fault that she goofed (if the story na real o) because she was trying to feel among.You are not what you are not,even if you tried.Lots of people these days want to use Blackberry,but a very large number of them do not know how to operate it.I can bet you a million dollars (i don't have it now though) that over 60% of them can only 'ping' and make calls but not entirely operate the gadget itself.They cannot tell you the specification of the gadget,they cannot tell you the functions,they cannot just operate the gadget! Then why buy it?!

However,this isn't just about BB or Blackberry,it's generally about being real.Why try to be what you're not when what you are is amazing? The problem is that lots of people do not believe in themselves.They believe being themselves isn't good enough.They believe being themselves won't give them the kind of friends they want or take them to the kind of places they want.Well i've got news for you,if your being your self isn't good enough for your friends,then they're not the kind of friends you should be hanging around.If being yourself isn't going to take you to places you want to go,then you definitely are not supposed to be in such places.There is nothing like being oneself.It is the identity you have that make people envy you.I don't go around pretending to be an 'ajebota',i go around making people know i'm a hustler.I work for every dime i have and spend.People just don't know what they are,so they go around putting up a facade and fooling themselves.But if they knew they were awesome and have great potentials,they'd definitely not indulge in 'fakeness' (if it's not in the dictionary,i just added it).The fact that you're not somebody now doesn't mean you'll not be somebody in the future (except you're a lazy bone).I don talk my own finish,lemme go back home and enjoy the rest of my weekend.Have a very pleasant weekend ahead people!

Friday, January 21, 2011


I was finding it very difficult to sleep last night because I was somewhat sad,my head was working more than a clock.But a particular kind of thought dominated my head,they were memories of moments,unforgettable and magical moments.

We were staring at each other,our eyes displaying pure love,our heads getting closer and closer together though very slowly,my heart beating furiously against my ribcage,then my eyes closing,then that magical moment when our lips touched (i'd actually been thinking of this moment for 7 whole years,that's a topic for another day...if i'll ever tell it,hehehehehehe).She was the girl that made me live a dream,she was that dream,she was the love of my life.I had a million memories of moments with her,but you're only getting that one…hehehehehe.C'mon,count yourself lucky,it was my most magical and cherished moment.My thought shifted to another moment when after haven read like i had never read my entire life,i went to my dept's notice board where our results were pasted,my eyes scanned the lines in search of my name,i stopped,slowly shifted sideways,A...A...A...B...A...A...B...C...C...F...(na true o,ask my department,hehehehe).I don't think i saw the F,or maybe my being rooted on the spot (the only way i could show excitement in those few minutes) blinded me.But that was an unforgettable moment in my life,the beginning of my academic success.

My mind really wandered and i actually felt better,and before long became sleepy.Magical moments turned a sad night into a good night.I slept very well and woke up refreshed this morning (actually,i didn’t want to get up from my bed).I'm sure you've got amazing moments,moments that just speed your heartbeat each time you think of them.Well,I and millions of people wouldn't mind hearing them,you can post them as comments.However,that isn't the aim of this post.Sometimes you get overwhelmed by sad thoughts,they are the basis of those down moments you have,you are mostly not aware of it because your subconscious does the thinking for you.But the next time such a time comes,just try and think about your magical moments.I did that last night,i not only felt better,i also had a good night.You want to know why i shared this with you? Well it's no secret,i care alot about you (true story).I care enough not to let you sleep feeling sad,you're worth way more than that.Have a very pleasant day and seriously,if you care to tell us about your magical moments,we'd be happy to read them.Like I said before,just send them as comments and i'll inculcate them in this post.

PS: A follower and ardent fan of this blog just sent in one of her magical moments,and like i said,it's going to be inculcated in the post.Enjoy it!

Melanie Meering's Moment
My magical moments.. I have many.. But this one stands out n I still put a lot of faith n energy outta it..
I was hospitalized n shared a room with 3 other (2 ladies n a man). D woman laying next to me was very ill n depressed cos d doctors couldn't find something wrong with her. Because she is an elderly lady n cant do d cleaning of her house herself anymore she has a cleaning-lady. A certain day dat cleaning-lady stopped by n brought along a pastor n a translator. A translator cos d pastor is Brasilian n doesnt speak Dutch. Dat day we all prayed to give each other strength. D pastor stopped by every bed to give a personal prayer.. Once dey were on my bedside d pastor put his hand on my head, read a certain bible passage according to my condition n d minute he started talking we all started crying. My head became hot.. It was soo intense n made a huge impression. Not just on me, but on everybody present. After a while when dey were gone d first thing we all said to each other was.. "Wow, today God was truly in our middle, He was present among us".. N he was! That was a magical moment I will never forget...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

You're wealthy...more than you know!

I woke up this morning with the mind of talking about something else.However,i heard something some days back that struck my mind,"Wealth is not how much you have but how much you've given out.".It's been days,but that simple sentence has been reverberating in my head.

In a society like the one we find ourselves (Nigeria),wealth is perceived differently.Wealth in our society is how much you've amassed,how much you are worth.This perception is the bases of a lot of atrocities,a lot of inhuman activities,a lot of....make i just stop there! Our politicians make looting a regular political activity,our public servants make bribery normal,and even our private sectors aren't left out,corporate stealing takes place (stealing wey involve biro).What's more? These people are celebrated and thus feel their actions are morally acceptable.But here's the truth; "only a fool celebrates a fool for his foolish achievements,because he is clueless" (write am down somewhere,that na my own quote).

However,this perception is outrageous.Wealth in the actually sense isn't measured by how much you have in your bank account or how much you're worth,wealth is measured by how much you've given out.What you've amassed doesn't speak for you,but what you've given out is a LEGACY,it speaks volumes.It speaks for you even long after you're gone.Henry Ford was a very wealthy man,not because his bank account was fat,but because of what he gave out.He founded an NGO,Ford Foundation,that assisted (and is still assisting individuals and corporate organizations).John D.Rockerfella was also very wealthy,he founded The Rockerfella Foundation,Warren Buffet,Bill Gates,they all have their own foundations that give out millions upon millions of dollars yearly.I can go on and on with the lists of really wealthy people (not wealthy like our society knows it).Let's now shift from that,because a lot of us don't have the resources to prove their wealth in that respect,so let's digress from that.You can give out other things you have,your time,your knowledge,your talent,the idea is giving out to enrich others in one way of another.If the name Fela Anikulapo Kuti is mentioned today,the reactions are still amazing.Now let us consider people who are alive in this great nation of ours.How do you feel when you hear the name TuFace? Basketmouth? I Go Dye? Wole Soyinka? These are people who are giving greatly and even though they're still alive already have legacies.These are wealthy people.

I am definitely not among the school of thought that feel wealth is what you have in your account,nope! I believe wealth is what you are able to give out,what speaks for you when you are not even there.The money you have in the bank cannot reference you,but the people whose lives you've touched (positively o) would definitely reference you even when you're not there.Don't get me wrong,i'm not saying you shouldn't acquire riches,i'm not saying you shouldn't have bank accounts.But you should do more than that.The money in your account should have a purpose,not just so your children's children meet it.I am not also of the school of thought that anybody is poor.We were all blessed with one gift or the other.There's something you can do that nobody can,or a lot of people can't.Give that to enrich lives and that might even be your source of acquisition of riches.I have always known this so i have always been a giver.I mean na me get this dynamic blog na...hehehehehehe!

Finally,do you have the talent of singing? Hit the stage! Do you have the talent of writing? Hit the pages of newspapers or books! Do you have the talent of drawing? Splash those paints on canvasses! Just give what you have,it's the legacy you'll leave.Have a most pleasant day ahead!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cherish what you have or let it go cos you don't need it

I'm sure you've been told directly or have heard it somewhere that "you don't know what you have till you lose it",i know i've heard it from somewhere,maybe it's been used on me (i said maybe o).And even if it has been used on me,c'mon,we all have our shortcomings!

However,is it supposed to be so? Are we supposed to appreciate somethings in our lives and not appreciate others? I often wonder why we acquire things and end up not appreciating or cherishing them.The amazing thing is that we sometimes attach somethings to our lives knowing we don't have need for them and it's no wonder we end up abusing such things.

Lemme tell you a short true story.My friend X (really this story's about a friend of mine,but i'm not gonna mention his name) met and fell in love with Y.They started dating and he treated her the way ladies love being treated.You know the whole gifts-buying,time-spending,regular-calling,sms-sending,hanging out with friends (ladies you know what i'm talking about).However,after a long while,Y started taking my friend X for granted and after trying and trying and trying again to make her come round,she just was adamant.My friend X got fed up and called off the relationship.Before long Y came back begging and even sent people to beg,but it was too late,my friend Y had made up his mind.I saw tears,i saw regrets,i saw wishes (that'll not come to pass) and i just felt sorry for her.But truthfully,i persuaded my friend Y against going back because i was the one who witnessed the whole drama and the pains my friend passed through (i mean he almost died),so i had to discourage their reconciliation (don't crucify me).

Furthermore,i have a friend who acquires things he doesn't want nor need (actually,it's still my friend X),and every time he gives one of such thing out and sees the appreciation the new owner accrues to it,he starts regretting.In fact,on a personal note,i gave out something once and after a while really started missing it,funny right?

I have grown over these couple of years.I've started perceiving things differently from the way i used to.Right about now,i appreciate everything i have in my life; my God,my parents,my job,my house,my friends,my relatives,my gadgets,my cloths,everything that is attached to me! I am convinced that this is how it is supposed to be,if you don't appreciate one thing attached to your life,then you really don't need it and so you should just get rid of it.Come to think of it,it's kind of silly to have something you don't appreciate.So if you're working in a company you don't appreciate,quit...If you're dating someone you don't appreciate,break up now...If you're living in a house you don't appreciate,move out...If you have cloths in your wardrobe you don't appreciate,give them out.I'm sure you've gotten the point by now so i should save my breath.

I can almost hear you say "i might need it later".Well,if you'll need it later,then you can get it later.You can have it now (when you need it later) and not have it later when you need it because of 'abuse'.And please don't tell me there's a fear of letting go because if you don't appreciate it why would you get scared of letting it go? Imagine a Nigeria where everyone appreciates what he has (job,wife/husband,kids/pikins,neighbours,government etc),wouldn't be a perfect one? Have you noticed i always bother on Nigeria and it getting better? Well,i'm a cool naija guy....hehehehehehehe! Have a very pleasant day people,and please change your attitude!

As usual,you can say what you wanna...U sef fit talk your own o.Just drop a comment!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Really,whatever happened to love letters?!

I was just going through my twitter page and i saw a tweet from a friend of mine and it reads; "I dont care wat century we live in... Wateva happened to love letter?".Though i replied her tweet asking if she wanted one,but i didn't really think of it until now.

Really,what happened to love letters? There's YAHOO!,there's Twitter,there's Facebook,there's MySpace and so on.And all these provide the facility for sending and receiving mails from people and in a very very very timely manner too,i mean in seconds.This is what happened to love letters,the Internet.People stopped seeing the need of writing on papers since the internet and even writing love letters became digitized.

However,actual love letters on paper are very priceless.I remember girlfriends of friends (i'm a saint so didn't have girlfriends,yeah right!) keeping the letters written to them by my friends and showing it to them after a very long while.There are some mothers who even still have the love letters written to them by the love of their lives.Really,the era of love letters was fun.I can imagine a girl holding my love letter close to her heart after reading it and falling to the bed (no be say she dey faint o) in pure happiness.I am allowed to dream,am i not?! Again,the era of love letters was really fun.Guys rushing off to buy colored writing sheets,writing in their best handwriting,spraying the sheets with perfume....Girls replying in colored sheets also,with their best handwritings and a red lipstick outline of a kiss at the end of the letter....Guys reading the letter and almost fainting with joy from the sight of the 'red kiss'.Mehn,e bin dey sweet o! Hehehehehehe.Right now i don't know if i'm in a relationship or not,if not,i for vex write love letter now now.

Did u like love letters? Did u write love letters? Would you like the era to be re-born? I sure wouldn't mind to see a 'red kiss' at the end of a love letter sent to me o!

The harmattan and doing the right thing

Mehn,i woke up this morning and believe me,i almost crawled back under the covers.Yes,i'm a guy and guys dey catch cold too.The harmattan i am experiencing in port harcourt is the type i experienced when i was a student in Federal University of Technology Minna.Once i got stuck in a sack used as a door cover in one of the compounds i use to stay off campus all in a bid to escape the cold,and the cold i was trying so desperately to avoid almost turned me into an iced fish.

Anyway,i woke up and went straight to the kitchen to heat water.I had my bath,got dressed and breezed into the office.But while i was battling with the cold this morning,i remembered a rather funny incident some days before.A pretty friend of mine was complaining about the cold and i couldn't help but laugh at her.Why? Well,she was wearing a sleeveless top! Yeah,it was a cute top,very cute i might add,but it was sleeveless.Now is that reasonable? In a bid to look very beautiful,our ladies actually crack us up.Have you seen some of them on high heels? Let's not even go there,let's leave that for another day.You're complaining of cold and yet you're putting on a sleeveless top.Abeg tell me why i no go laugh?

However,this brings me to the moral of this whole 'plenty' talk.We are actually faced with 'doing the right thing at the wrong time' in our daily affairs.Sometimes we just get so caught up in the things we want to do,and even though they are not right for that particular time,we still go ahead to do it and worst still,complain when things go wrong.Things don't go wrong when done well and at the right time.If you spread your cloths outside when it is raining,then you really shouldn't complain when your cloths don't get dried.If you get cold during this harmattan while putting on sleeveless,don't complain.If you know what's right,do it and in the right time too.Have a nice day people.My company is air-conditioned,and i'm putting on a long sleeve shirt...hehehehehehe!

If you have anything you'd like to add,please feel free to drop a line.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Good servant then good master

I was with my boss yesterday afternoon in his cute apartment not too far from my own apartment (yes,my apartment is also cute).Being that i was no stranger to the house,i went straight to the refrigerator and got myself a chilled glass of pineapple juice and sat next to him.On the TV screen was Chelsea VS Blackburn Rovers,with Blackburn down by 2 goals.A conversation ensued and my boss got somewhat bitter.The topic of the conversation was the nonchalance of Nigerians toward our great nation.I guess what brought about the topic of the conversation was the dedication  of John Terry to Chelsea.My boss was bitter about the fact that our national footballers play for the nation like they're doing the nation a favor,while they play for their club sides as if it's a matter of life and death.He relived those days when we had footballers who loved their nation.The days of Sunday Oliseh,Daniel Amokachi,Finidi George,Samson Siasia,the late Uche Okafor (may his soul rest in peace) et al.We talked on that for a while and touched the fact that it extends to every facet of our country,public servants being nonchalant in their duties or wanting to be bribed first before exercising their duties.He talked with so much displeasure,but i had learned not to be too passionate about our inadequacies simply because it really gets me very upset too.We talked for a while and then i bade him and his family farewell.
While walking home,i reflected on our conversation and really,the situation is a very sad one.Some people work so sluggishly and nonchalantly that you wonder if they are paid for their jobs or working pro bono.Sometimes when you try talking to them,some of them make comments like "Na my papa company?".So because "no be your papa company" the company is allowed to go down? The funny aspect is that a lot of these people are thinking of starting their own companies someday and they fail to realize that before you become a good master,you must first be a good servant.Only good servants make good masters.All the great men we know today were diligent servants."Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness - great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy." as quoted by Jim Rohn.A lot of people chase after wealth yet are very slothful in their duties.The question i keep asking myself is how do these people hope to lead when they can't even do something as plain as 'following'? The i-don't-care attitude we put up affects this nation so much that everybody works as if working is a burden.We need a change of attitude,if we feel not for our sakes,then at least for our childrens' sakes.How would it be if we let them come into a country where people don't give 100% input to their tasks?