Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old school me

Hey people,

Yeah yeah,i know it's been a minute,but i'm here now.It's been crazy,as usual.Work,weddings,conferences,work,conferences,etc.I'm glad God made me strong sha,e for worry.And i doubt if i'll ever fly with Dana Air again.I flew them while going to Abuja for a conference (simply because i ran out of options) and the flight wasn't so smooth.The straw that broke the camel's back...(abi how them dey talk am again sef? Anyway,you understand) was when i got to the airport in Abuja 30mins before my departure time,to get back to my base,i was refused boarding.Yes,i was disallowed to board the plane that i paid for with my hard earned money,30mins before my departure time.I begged and begged,even though i hate doing that,but they refused.The airport was so crowded that i felt everybody wanted to fly that day.I couldn't get a flight and i had to be in PH for a-brother-from-another-mother's wedding.I checked for available flights,but there wasn't any.I checked for the next day's schedule and i didn't find a morning flight.Long story short,i had to use Chisco night bus...yeah,i was that desperate.I hate night buses and i generally hate buses,can't remember the last time is used a bus for a long journey.Anyway,me and Dana don tear paper...period!!!

Now, to the day's post.Civilisation is looking like an issue in these modern day Nigeria.Values are being lost,morals are being dropped and it's really sad.People pick up characters,traits and traditions that don't define us.Don't get me wrong,certain traditions need to be abolished and some others reviewed,but some shouldn't be altered in anyway,but that's just my opinion.I'll use this post to tell you the things i learned and grew up with,the things that made me the way i am.

1.I was taught that when your elders are talking,you don't contribute unless one of them talks directly to you.Talking at that point is a huge sign of disrespect and signifies lack of home training.If any of your parents is present,you could receive an eye-whip or an actual one.

2.I was taught that you should never argue with your elders,even when they're wrong.Grumbling is allowed,in some homes,whereas your head gets jammed against the wall if you try it in some.

3.I was taught that you don't wait for your elder to greet you,you greet them first.

4.I was taught that you should never raise your hand on a woman,they're too soft for that.Even though i know it's not correct,but it is what it is.Don't misunderstand me though,i don't support getting physical with a woman,i just don't believe they're soft.

5.I was taught that you don't laugh when people are crying,it's a huge sign of morning witchcraft (yeah,i added that part hehehehehe)

6.I was taught that a woman is not supposed to insult a man,it's a sign of disrespect.However,i personally feel a woman should air her view and if possible,politely.

7.I was taught that people don't cry for the fun of it,they cry because something is wrong or is about to go wrong.

8.I was taught that relationships are better than material things.Because relationships are the only way to sustain the inflow of material things.

9.I was taught that a man should always provide for his family,without any excuse.

10.I was taught that helping your fellow man is a noble act and so should be done any time you have the means to do so.

11.I was taught that a man should never be attracted to another man sexually and also a woman to a woman,it portrays madness.

I learnt so many things and if i have to put them here,you would end up ready till next week.Some good,some bad,but the ones i put down here are the ones i'll never let leave me.Civilization will never take them away from me.What have you learnt in this great nations of ours that you won't want to leave you?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm still here

Hey people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah,i know it's been a bit,but i'm here now.I know lots of you may be wondering what's up and why i don't blog often.But don't worry,i'm still here.

On so many levels,i'm still here.Fuel is scarce and i have to hustle to get it,after hustling to make the money.But i'm still here.Mosquitoes seem to be using scissors or drill to open my clothing for easy access these days,but i'm still here.NEPA abi na PHCN abi na whatever,have changed my GRA to a ghetto,but i'm still here.The situation in the nation is very heartbreaking,killings in the north,insecurities everywhere,but i'm still here.The world seem to have lost it's way.War in various parts of the globe,but i'm still here.Racism even in this age,but i'm still here.I don't know about you,but i'm going to give life a very hard time messing with me,that's the reason i'm still here.All these things i mentioned affect me directly or indirectly,but i'm still here and will be here for a very long time.Won't you do thesame,won't you make life sweat?! Have a most pleasant week ahead!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Money bag

Hey people,
Happy new month to you.I hope the year is going well so far? This year promises to be a very good and sweet one,i can feel it in my bones.Have you noticed that Blogville still isn't back to it's normal state? Lots of bloggers are still AWOL and the ones present don't blog as often as usual (myself inclusive *stares at feet with hands behind back*).That's not the main matter on the table today,so lets just go right into it.

Have you noticed how some girls/ladies/women feel it is their right to demand money from men? That it is normal,and should remain so,for men to be the ones giving and buying things in whatever form of relationship they are in? I was discussing with a group of women the other day and it was funny to learn that this is how their minds are wired in terms of giving and buying.They were of the opinion that men ought to be the ones giving money and buying gifts in any relationship at all,whether a romantic/sexual or platonic relationship.I could only laugh at their line of thought,and that if they meet a man who doesn't give them money,they would walk away.Personally,i feel there's something wrong with this line of thought.

Men are now hunters and their preys are the,permit me to use the word myopic,women.I use the term myopic because these women are near-sighted in this regard.They fail to realize that a man can be giving them money and buying them gifts,but at the same time expecting they would reciprocate once in a while,however long or short.Many a man out there want women who are not after their money,women who are self reliant,independent,and having the notion that the man ought to be the one spending would cut across as you being selfish and dependent on their pocket.I doubt if there are men who want such kind of woman these days.In the days of old,men didn't mind giving money and buying gifts,they didn't expect the women to give money of buy gifts.But that is what it is,the OLD days.Now men want independent women.Women who wouldn't be dependent on their pockets.Don't get me wrong though,the men don't mind spending on their women,but they don't want the women to be in a fix when they possibly are financially incapacitated.They want women who would be supportive in all areas.If i'm temporarily financially incapacitated,will you find it hard to get by? Will you be looking for alternative sources or you are self dependent?

Furthermore,women with these thought pattern are the ones who gave some men the notion that "as far as they require your money,they should be willing to give something in return".Some men feel it is their right to get something from a woman after giving her money or they don't even give at all if the woman refuses to play ball.They believe 'if the women take me as a money bag,i'd take them as sex toys".I can't really say how it all started,whether the chicken came before the egg or the egg came before the chicken,all i know is that kind of mindset is detrimental to the personality of the women with such.Do you think i'm on the right track?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's try a different approach

Hey people,how are you doing? Hope you had a good weekend and the January is going great so far?

I was privileged to meet with the admirable Fela Durotoye this past Sunday and i was simply blown away. He held me spellbounded for about four hours and i didn't even seem to notice.The conclusion i drew after listening to him is that he's the only activist Nigeria has.Yeah,i know of those other guys,but frankly they're just another problem the nation is facing.Let me explain that.If you continually see the bad side of a person or thing,there'll come a point when no one will be able to make you see the good sides of the person or thing.What these other activists do is to make us see what's wrong with the nation.They're always pointing at the flaws,the weaknesses etc of the nation thereby making us see only these things.What they fail to realize is that this corrupts our minds.

Meeting Fela Durotoye changed the approach i wanted to take to give my own quota to this nation's growth,or let's say it reshaped it.It got me thinking,what if we tried helping our nation from another angle? It is true lots of us have been waiting to either attain a certain hierarchy in the society or get into government before we act.But lets approach things from a different angle.I've always said here,that our main problem as a nation is our minds,so what if we all just worked to change our mindsets? Let me elaborate a bit.Since all our minds are infected with bad thoughts and ideas,we should sanitize our minds and after we're sure we've achieved the sanitization,we should go a notch further and work on the minds of people we meet.Trust me,i've spoken to many alot of people to know that with the kind of mindset they have,Nigeria would just get worse if they get a chance to rule in any capacity.In essence,we should do things right when it comes to our nation and talk to people about doing things right also.When we've achieved a great deal of right-thinking attitudes,the same people with these attitudes would make it into political offices.Imagine if we have positive minded and foresighted individuals in power,what kind of Nigeria would we have?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Just be happy

Hey people,

You see,i'm back!!! I plan to continue putting up posts as i used to.Truth is,though,my schedule is busier.I was given an additional position at the office,so right now i handle two positions.I head two departments,though the company isn't a big one yet,per se.Anyway,i'll do my best and make sure i don't disappear like i did.

I told you about my nephew right? That boy is a big bunch of happiness.I just feel very happy being around him.You should see me struggling with his mum or dad to carry him.Sometimes he insists on you standing while carrying him,most children his age do that,and even when i get tired and my back aches,i still stand not minding the discomfort.Yeah,i know I've been 'jazzed'.Let me get right on to the main post of the day jare.If i continue talking about that little awesomeness,you may have to gag me.Yeah,i know I've gone soft too.See why i know I've been jazzed?!

We get caught up in life,family,friends,work,relationships...pretty much everything.And we lose sight of what's important.We lose sight of the reason for all the hustling and bustling of everyday.Have you stopped to ask yourself why you leave your house early in the morning,struggle with traffic,get to work,live through the day with all the nonsense from your boss or colleagues? Why you wake up very early in the morning to go to your place of business even when the sleep is proving very sweet? Or task your brain twice as much? To make money right? What's the money supposed to do? Buy you things or take you to fun and luxurious places isn't it? What's the aim of all that,happiness? Bingo!!!! All we do,all we are,all we strive to be,how we act all boils down to one thing, HAPPINESS! Even when it comes to religion,we serve God to find inner peace,which in turn would bring us happiness.It's all about happiness.So,why would you allow anything or anyone take that from you? Nothing or no one is supposed to determine whether you are happy or not,when you are happy or sad.NO! You shouldn't give anyone or anything such power,it is too much power.That power should be yours and yours alone.If your intention in life is to be happy,then by all means make yourself happy.You owe it to yourself.We get distracted by family issues,work stress,relationship matters etc and we tend to forget to be happy.Lots of people have even forgotten how to be happy.God forbid!

This is a new year,you should decide to be happy.Do things that make you happy,go places that make you happy.Cut off from people or things that rob you of happiness.If the people in your life cannot contribute to your being happy,it's time they left.It doesn't matter who they are,whether friends,family or lovers,if they cannot contribute to your being happy,they gosta go!!! Life's too short to live it sadness.Happiness brings about smiles and laughter from the heart,don't trade yours for friendship,family or love.These things are meant to take your happiness to a whole new level.Just be happy,it's really all that matters!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back,i guess

*walks in very slowly*
*clears cobwebs blocking the way*
How have you been? *no answer* I said how have you been.*silence*
Ok,i'm sorry!!! I was wrong,i shouldn't have been gone for so long,and for that i apologize.You know i don't stay away for as long as i did this time,but things got really crazy.You know,it's not an easy task trying to be a responsible man.There are so many bills to pay and you can't run home...well,except you're running home to with money.It wasn't my intention to be gone for so long,but work and life merged to conspire against me.So please forgive me! Oh you have? Thank you!!! Gracias!!! 

A lot happened since the last time i made a post.I became an uncle.Yeah,my elder brother had a baby boy in September of 2013 and i've somehow managed to be seeing him more often that i used to.In my defense,we stay quite close now.Ok,ok,ok,i see him often cos of my nephew.He's a little angle.He's adorable,veeeeeery cute (that flows in the family sha hehehe) and he has something in common with opening in his ear.Yeah,i have that.I'd have posted a pix of him,but i don't want it stolen and be used for dp(s) all over the world.He can't handle such pressure for now.Hehehehehe Anyway,some weeks after then,i moved to a bigger and classier apartment (the one close to my brother's).A few weeks after then,i bought a car.It indeed was a very good year for me,God is awesome.Lots of good things indeed happen in 2013,including you guys.You're fine and life's moving,that's something worth heralding.The remaining good news is going to be left as a surprise.*wink* Last year was a great year,but i know this year will be even better.

I'll stop here for now and return with normal posts and poems.Happy new year to you.May the same grace that make high flyers of ordinary men envelop you this year.This is definitely going to be a great year!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Poetic Thursday: Only for you

Hey people,i know i've not been faithful to Poetic Thursdays,i'll try and change my ways.I trust you've been as awesome as me though.I know some of you missed it,so here it is,Poetic Thursday.

Only For You

I could stay up all night

Use up all my might

Strengthen my faith

Drown my fears

Strain my ears

Hustle all my years

Work my hand

Task my mind

And be a man

Only for you